Volunteer Certification

Founded in 1906, Phi Kappa Tau has grown into an organization with more than 85,000 alumni members and 3,500 undergraduates on more than 85 different campuses across the country. Since the Fraternity’s founding, the success of the organization has relied on engaged and supportive volunteer advisors. As a part of the strategic plan adopted by Convention during Phi Kappa Tau’s Centennial Celebration, the organization has developed an exciting certification program to accomplish three objectives:

  1. Create a common vocabulary amongst chapters/colonies in an effort to generate synergies and share best practices
  2. Provide resources for volunteers to ensure their success
  3. Generate correspondence and enlist feedback from advisors about what resources are necessary for success
Each of the certification program’s three parts are approximately 20 minutes in length. The certification program will cover the basics of the topic, but supplemental resources are available on The Exchange.
Volunteer Certification Programs:

Alumni Advisor
Topics Covered: Alumni Relations Programming, Working with Alumni and Major Responsibilities

Board of Governors Chairman
Topics Covered: Chairing a Board of Governors Meeting, The Borradaile Challenge and Major Responsibilities

Chapter Advisor
Topics Covered: The Art of Advising, The Borradaile Challenge and Major Responsibilities

Domain Director
Topics Covered: Purpose, Requirements and Success Metrics

Financial Advisor
Topics Covered: Omega Financial, Financial Policies and Major Responsibilities

Scholarship Advisor
Topics Covered: Scholarship Programming, Scholarship Resource Specialist and Major Responsibilities

Recruitment/Retention Advisor
Topics Covered: The 5-Step Recruitment Process and Membership Reporting

Risk Management Advisor
Topics Covered: Crisis Management, Liability Insurance Policy and Major Responsibilities
Effective October 14, 2011: All Board of Governors members (Board of Governors chairmen, alumni advisors, chapter advisors, financial advisors, recruitment advisors, risk management advisors and scholarship advisors) must be a certified Phi Kappa Tau volunteer. To become a certified Phi Kappa Tau volunteer one must complete the Phi Kappa Tau Volunteer Certification Program available on-line at www.phikappatau.org/cerification. Certification is required through the Phi Kappa Tau Statutes (Title V. Section 47), the Borradaile Challenge (Board of Governors metric) and the Strategic Plan (R.3). All current Board of Governors members that are not certified by the date above will be removed from their respective chapter’s Board of Governors roster and must become certified before re-appointment.

“The success of Phi Kappa Tau is only possible because of the volunteer support that propels the organization forward. The role of volunteers is crucial at all levels: local, regional and national.” – Tim Hudson, Truman State ’97
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