Chapter Information

Chapter Conduct

Phi Kappa Tau is a membership development organization that is dedicated to meeting the mission of the Fraternity: To champion a lifelong commitment to brotherhood, learning, ethical leadership and exemplary character. Through attaining the mission of the Fraternity, we are called to uphold standards of conduct as outlined in the Constitution and Statutes as well as the Ritual of the Fraternity. Additionally, members are expected to abide by the policies and regulations of their college or university and to hold each other accountable to those same standards. Chapters that have been reported to have allegedly compromised the standards of conduct are immediately suspended pending an investigation (per standard Fraternity policy).

Below you will find chapter conduct reports that outline alleged chapter violations by academic year. In each of these cases, members were alleged to have failed to live by our mission and uphold our standards of conduct. If applicable, sanctions are listed from the National Fraternity, or the University.

For more information regarding the alleged conduct violations listed here, please contact Chief Operating Officer Travis Robinson.

Alcohol Free Housing

Each of the below chapters have organized housing that is alcohol free:

Chapter Institution
Gamma Ohio State
Theta Transylvania
Iota Coe
Kappa Kentucky
Mu Lawrence
Upsilon Nebraska Wesleyan
Psi Colorado
Alpha Delta Case Western
Alpha Sigma Colorado State
Alpha Omega Baldwin Wallace
Beta Gamma Idaho
Beta Kappa Oklahoma State
Beta Mu Kent State
Beta Xi Georgia
Beta Omega Chico State
Gamma Nu Rochester Institute of Technology
Gamma Xi East Cenral Oklahoma
Delta Beta Evansville
Delta Theta Georgetown College
Zeta Epsilon Lynchburg