SeriousFun-A-Thons are daylong events of camp-like activities with proceeds going to SeriousFun camps.

SeriousFun-A-Thon is a scalable, endurance-based, peer-to-peer fundraising event that invites chapter members and students to get immersed in the camp experience and raise money for a great cause while doing it. SeriousFun-A-Thon was designed to give college campuses and communities an opportunity to unite as one in the pursuit of SeriousFun for all.

SeriousFun-A-Thon consists of 12 hours (or more, or less!) of planned camp-like activities (see page 18 for suggestions). Throughout the day, participants will be reminded of the good fortune that they have had in life, and this amazing cause will become a part of them forever.

SeriousFun has gathered two resources to aid in planning a SeriousFun-A-Thon: SeriousFun-A-Thon Planning Guide and SeriousFun-A-Thon Fact Sheet. You can also download a copy of the SeriousFun Style Guide.