Hall of Fame
The Phi Kappa Tau Hall of Fame recognizes alumni who are distinguished in their fields of endeavor.

The Phi Kappa Tau Hall of Fame recognizes alumni who are distinguished in their fields of endeavor. The Fraternity continues to depend on the character and commitment of alumni to lead by example, nurture a positive experience for students, and provide a vision for the future of the organization. This ever-growing program demonstrates the dedication of distinctive Phi Tau professionals and stewards.

Questions about the nomination process should be directed to Foundation Executive Director Tyler Wash,Georgetown ’06, at twash@phikappatau.org.


Hall of Fame Listing

NameSchoolInitiation YearDistinctionYear Inducted
Fred ApplegateMiami1964Nicholas-Applegate Funds, retired President and Founder2006
Joseph Bachelor*Miami1906Author, poet and educator. Author of the Ritual of Phi Kappa Tau2006
Taylor A. Borradaile*Miami1906Founding Father, past National President (1906-1907)2006
Clinton D. Boyd*Miami1906Phi Kappa Tau, Founding Father2006
Edgar Brandon*Miami1906Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1920-1923) & "Architect of Phi Kappa Tau"2006
Joseph W. Clokey*Miami1910Miami University, former Composer and Professor2006
Charles "Chuck" CooleyMiami1955Nations Bank, retired Executive Vice President Corporate Personnel2006
Dwight I. Douglass*Miami1906Phi Kappa Tau, Founding Father2006
Edward Duncan*Miami1908Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1910-1911)2006
Mitch EngelMiami1971ServiceMaster, Chief Marketing Officer2006
W. Massey Foley*Miami1916Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1930-1934)2006
Malcolm Forbes*Miami1983Forbes Magazine, former Publisher2006
William A. Hammond*Miami1910Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1962-1964); W.A. Hammong Drierite Company, Founder; Inventor of Drierite2006
Hugh Heiland*Miami1936Wilmington College, Professor Emeritus2006
James G. JonesMiami1953United States Air Force, retired Major General; Tactical Air Command, Chief of Staff2006
Grayson L. Kirk*Miami1921Columbia University, former President2006
Scott LauritzenMiami1979Fox Broadcasting, Vice President2006
David LawrenceMiami1961The Lawrence Group, Principal2006
William N. Liggett*Miami1939First National Bank of Cincinnati, former Chairman and CEO2006
Ernest Littleton*Miami1909Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1911)2006
Bill MalloryMiami1954NCAA, retired Division 1 Football Coach2006
Robert J. Meder*Miami1936World War II, Doolittle Raider2006
Alexander Paxton*Miami1907Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1909-1910)2006
Stevan Porter*Miami1973InterContinental Hotels Group, former President of the Americas and Executive Director2006
Louis Rumaggi*Miami1918United Stated Army, General2006
William H. Shideler*Miami1906Phi Kappa Tau, Founding Father and past National President (1913-1914)2006
Wilmer Stover*Miami1911Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1908-1909)2006
Ernest H. Volwiler*Miami1912Abbott Laboratories, former Chairman; Inventor of Pentothal2006
Richard Young*Miami1925Phi Kappa Tau, former CEO (1929-1961)2006
Matthew Yuricich*Miami1946Academy Award nominee for special effects2006
Robert ArterOhio1947United States Army, retired Lieutenant General2006
Gerald CarltonOhio1958Phi Kappa Tau Foundation, past Chairman; DSC Communications Corp, Vice President2006
Brent DevoreOhio1961Otterbein College, President2006
Charles Emrick*Ohio1948The Transaction Group, Owner2006
John D. GoodOhio1947The Lawhead Press, retired Owner2006
Wayne HamiltonOhio1967Microsoft, retired General Manager2006
Scott HogsettOhio1971Shakespeare Fishing Tackle, CEO2006
Robert Holmes*Ohio1941Ohio Supreme Court, retired Chief Justice2006
Tom JeswaldOhio1963PNC Bank, Vice President of Human Resource Planning and Development2006
William E. McVey*Ohio1915United States House of Representatives, Illinois Representative2006
Paul Newman*Ohio1943SeriousFun Children's Network, Founder; Academy Award winning Actor; race car driver and owner2006
Howard Pidegon*Ohio1911Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1911-1912)2006
Clarence Ridenour*Ohio1911Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1912-1913)2006
George Voinovich*Ohio1956United States Senate, Ohio Senator; Cleveland, Ohio, former Mayor2006
R. G. Webber*Ohio1911Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1914-1915)2006
Charles Bassett*Ohio State1951NASA, Astronaut2006
Raymond BichimerOhio State1953Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1983-1985)2006
Vincent P. Blair*Ohio State1927Delco Productes Division fo General Motors, General Manager; Sinclair Community College, Chairman of the Board of Trustees2006
Ned Brooks*Ohio State1922NBC's Meet the Press, former moderator2006
Norm BrownOhio State1950Cone and Belding Communications, Inc., former Chairman and CEO; Phi Kappa Tau Foundation, past Chairman2006
Mel Dettra*Ohio State1945Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1968-1970)2006
John A. EdwardsOhio State1957Retired Professional Baseball Player2006
Robert M. EversoleOhio State1981Fifth Third Bank of Central Ohio, President2006
Eckley Gossett*Ohio State1912Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1915)2006
James HamiltonOhio State1963Federated Investors, retired Senior Vice President2006
Dan HufferOhio State1957Phi Kappa Tau Foundation, past Chairman2006
Fred MillsOhio State1966Phi Kappa Tau Foundation, past Chairman2006
Robert MintzOhio State1971New Executive Strategies, Founder; Electronic Data Systems, Executive Vice President for Human Resources2006
Jim OatesOhio State1964Leo Burnett, President2006
Jack SoulesOhio State1946Borradaile Alumnus Award Winner2006
Ewing T. Boles*Centre1914The Ohio Company, Chairman; Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1916-1917)2006
John Y. Brown Sr.*Centre1917U.S. House of Representatives, former Kentucky Representative2006
John Cotton*Centre1914Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1923-1925)2006
S. Frank Cox*Centre1914past National President (1915-1916)2006
John NewmanCentre1963Sidney, Austin, Brown & Wood, Partner2006
Paul A. Bixler*Mount Union1926NCAA, former Head Football Coach; NFL, Assistant Coach2006
Ralph K. "Kirky" Bowers*Mount Union1915Phi Kappa Tau, former CEO (1917-1929)2006
Chester Buxton*Mount Union1923Paul Smith's College, former President2006
Daniel KellerMount Union1969Venture Capital and Private Equity Investments, President2006
James O. Reigle*Mount Union1919Regal Ware Inc., Founder2006
Clifford ShieldsMount Union1941Mount Union College, former Interim President2006
Frederick Fletemeyer*Illinois1916Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1917-1919)2006
Henry Hoagland*Illinois1916Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1919-1920)2006
Jim OberweisIllinois1965Oberweis Dairy, Owner; Politician2006
John TrainerMuhlenberg1963The Bolles School, President2006
Isaac Wright*Muhlenberg1918Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1928-1930)2006
John N. WilliamsTransylvania1971University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Dean of the School of Dentistry2006
Paul Raymond*Coe1924Borradaile Alumnus Award Winner2006
Edward "Ted" Marye*Kentucky1948Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1975-1977)2006
Robert Mills*Kentucky1935Georgetown College, former President2006
William Cottingham*Purdue1953General Motors Institute (now Kettering University), former President2006
Fred Grumme*Purdue1934Mayflower Corporation, former Chairman2006
Laddie L. StahlPurdue1939United States Army, retired Major General2006
Rea Axline*UC Berkeley1924Philanthropist & Founder of Metco2006
William BallhausUC Berkeley1964Aerospace Corporation, President and CEO; NASA Ames Research Center, former Director2006
Stephen BrothersUC Berkeley1966Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1995-1997)2006
Leroy ChiaoUC Berkeley1979NASA Astronaut2006
Roger Gilbert*UC Berkeley1950Texas Medical Insurance Company, retired CEO2006
Darrall ImhoffUC Berkeley1958retired Professional Basketball Player2006
Hans Jurgens*UC Berkeley1921Almaden Vineyards, former President and Partner2006
Pete Newell*UC Berkeley1958NCAA, retired Basketball Coach2006
Otto Peltzer*UC Berkeley1928former Olympic Athlete & World Record Holder in the 1500-meter run2006
Roy Raymond Jr.UC Berkeley1955Raymond Vineyards, President2006
Charles M. Shaw*UC Berkeley1949Expert Geologist and Philanthropist2006
Richard KneedlerFranklin & Marshall1962Franklin & Marshall College, President Emeritus2006
Ken MehlmanFranklin & Marshall1985Reupublican National Committee, Chairman2006
James Whalen*Franklin & Marshall1947Ithaca College, former President2006
Verne M. Willaman*Penn State1949Ortho Pharmaceutical, Chairman2006
John W. Baker*Southern California1929NCAA, former Head Football Coach, member NCAA College Football Hall of Fame2006
John V. Berardino*Southern California1936former Actor & Professional Baseball Player2006
Shelly BermanSouthern California2005Actor, Comedian, Writer & Professor2006
Bundy Colwell*Southern California1931Colwell Company, Founder & former CEO2006
Phillip Dexheimer*Southern California1948Dexco Financial Service, former CEO2006
J. Howard Edgerton*Southern California1925California Savings & Loan, Founder and former CEO2006
Fred Hall*Southern California1935Kansas, former Governor2006
Paul IgnatiusSouthern California1939Navy, retired Secretary2006
Roland Maxwell*Southern California1922Past National President (1934-1959) and Past President of the NIC2006
Jerry Page*Southern California1936United States Air Force, Major General2006
Bob PlumleighSouthern California1947Lord Plumeligh Imports, Importer2006
Albert L. Stephens Jr.*Southern California1933U.S. District Court, Chief Judge2006
Stephen G. Jerritts*Rensselaer1944Wang Latin America and Honeywell Information Systems, President2006
Ernest Nippes*Rensselaer1935Borradaile Alumnus Award Winner2006
W. Zev Putterman*Syracuse1947former Television Producer; Emmy Award winner2006
Robert J. Hutton*Michigan1928Standard Federal Savings and Loan, former Chairman2006
William Kerby*Michigan1928Dow Jones, former President; Wall Street Journal, former Editor2006
Matthew Mann*Michigan1926former NCAA and Olympic Swimming Coach2006
Richard Papenguth*Michigan1923former NCAA and Olympic Swimming Coach2006
Thomas Cunningham*Nebraska Wesleyan1960Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1979-1981)2006
John R. Dunning*Nebraska Wesleyan1926Columbia University, former Dean of Engineering2006
John GerrardNebraska Wesleyan1973Nebraska Supreme Court, Justice2006
John M. GreenNebraska Wesleyan1960Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1981-1983) and former CEO2006
Harry HugeNebraska Wesleyan1956Attorney, arbitrator in Master Robacco Settlement Agreement; represented 9/11 victims' families2006
Lewis HunterNebraska Wesleyan1952Television Writer & Professor2006
Warren Parker*Nebraska Wesleyan1931Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1966-1968)2006
Harry Taylor*Nebraska Wesleyan1923Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1925-1928)2006
Rodney Wilmoth*Nebraska Wesleyan1957Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1993-1995)2006
Jay BuckelewBethany1978Bethany College, Professor2006
Bob GoinBethany19562006
Joel RudyBethany1960Ohio University, Vice President & Dean Emeritus; Phi Kappa Tau, former CEO (1998-2002)2006
William Aycock*North Carolina State1934University of North Carolina, former Chancellor2006
Ward Darley*Colorado1924University of Colorado, former President2006
Steve DunnColorado1966Romar Company, President2006
Lou Gerding*Colorado1924Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1964-1966)2006
Paul Elfers*Wisconsin-Madison1924Borradaile Alumnus Award Winner2006
Donald Bennett*Michigan State1934United States Military Academy at West Point, former Superintendent2006
Arthur L. Godfrey*Michigan State19462006
Ross RoederMichigan State1958Smart and Final Inc., retired CEO/former Chairman of the Board2006
William T. Schwendler*New York1932Grumman Aircraft Corporation, former Chairman and Founding Partner2006
Hugh M. Morris*Delaware1930Delaware U.S. District Court, former Judge2006
Paul Lauterbur*Case Western1948Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine for work in MRI technology2006
Frank Rudy*Case Western1948Nike Airsole, Inventor2006
Russ WarrenCase Western1957The Transaction Group, President2006
Clyde Atkins*Florida1935Florida U.S. District Court, former Judge2006
Leonard F. Chapman Jr.*Florida1933United States Marine Corps, former General and Commandant2006
John Cosgrove*Florida1968Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1987-1989)2006
Richard Ervin*Florida1926Florida Supreme Court, former Chief Justice2006
James L. KingFlorida19462006
William C. Lantaff*Florida1931Florida, former U.S. Congressman2006
Edgar SegoFlorida1961Radio Brevard, President; Pharmacist2006
David L. BelewWilliam & Mary1950The Beckett Paper Company2006
Ewing T. Boles Jr.William & Mary1939noted Physician2006
Otis Douglas*William & Mary1929NCAA/NFL/CRL, former Football Coach2006
Charles F. Marsh*William & Mary1933Wofford College, former President2006
Art "Bud" Metheny*William & Mary1935NCAA, retired Baseball Coach; retired Professional Baseball Player2006
Patton OswaltWilliam & Mary1989Actor & Comedian2006
Keith LincolnWashington State1958retired Professional Football player2006
Wes StockWashington State1954retired Professional Baseball player and Coach2006
Spencer BachusAuburn1967U.S. House of Representatives, Alabama Representative2006
Hal Herring*Auburn1947retired Professional Football Coach2006
Carl E. Mundy Jr.Auburn1955United States Marine Corps, Commandant2006
Walter "Sonny" Strange*Auburn1970Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1990-1993)2006
Alan S. Wilson*Ohio Wesleyan1929Hilyer College (now the University of Hartford), former President2006
K. Reed Thompson*Georgia Tech1951GE Drive Systems, former Project Manager2006
Harold H. Short*Colorado State1936Flatiron Companies, retired Chairman; Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1985-1987)2006
Chuck ConineCornell1970Wilshire Restaurant Group, Vice President2006
James W. Curtis*Cornell1930U.S. Army, General2006
John T. ElfvinCornell1938New York Supreme Court, Judge2006
Floyd R. Newman*Cornell1957Ashland Oil, Founder and former Chairman2006
Philip Searle*Cornell1947Sun Bank, Chairman2006
Donald E. SnyderCornell1949Eastman Kodak, former Treasurer2006
Jack Anson*Colgate1947Phi Kappa Tau, former CEO (1961-1970)2006
Robert BalabanColgate1964Actor & Director2006
John MeyerhoffColgate1961Phi Kappa Tau, former CEO (1979-1987)2006
Ray C. Bliss*Akron1938Republican National Committee, former Chairman2006
Morris Jobe*Akron1938Goodyear Aerospace, retired President & CEO2006
Tom SawyerAkron1966Ohio, former U.S. Congressman2006
Michael AlbrightMississippi State1967Centex Corporation, Senior Vice President of Administration2006
Harold Angelo*Mississippi State1942Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1959-1962)2006
Jerry Clower*Mississippi State1949Grand Old Opry, Member; former Comedian2006
Thomas Stennis*Mississippi State1958Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1970-1972)2006
James P. MaloneyTexas-El Paso1952United States Army, retired Major General2006
Joe GouldenTexas-Austin1953Nationally renowned Writer2006
Don PhillipsTexas-Austin1982Morningstar, Managing Director2006
Ernest E. "Ernie" AllenLouisville1965National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, President2006
David G. AndersonLouisville1966The Healthcare Company (HCA), Senior Vice President & Treasurer2006
Larry CookLouisville1963University of Louisville, Executive Vice President for Health Science & Dean of the Medical School2006
Terry E. ForchtLouisville19582006
David L. HuberLouisville1962Western District of Kentucky, Attorney2006
Mitch McConnellLouisville1961United States Senate, Kentucky Senator2006
John M. MeadorLouisville1965Binghamton University, Dean of Libraries2006
William A. MillerLouisville1959Amoco, retired Senior Vice President2006
Ronald E. MyrickLouisville1963Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner Law Firm, Partner2006
Jack R. NorrisLouisville1965CB Richard Ellis, CEO2006
David E. Sams Jr.Louisville1964Sammons Enterprises Inc., President2006
Charlie Tyra*Louisville1955retired Professional Basketball Player2006
Martin A. YenawineLouisville1966Rural/Metro Ambulance Services, Syracuse, N.Y., retired CEO2006
Kenneth RyskampUniversity of Miami1954Florida U.S. District Court, Judge2006
Wendell Ladner*Southern Mississippi1969former Professional Basketball Player2006
Roy KingNew Mexico State1973Shell Oil Company, Regional Finance Vice President2006
James ManattNew Mexico State1969Providence Tech Inc., CEO2006
Karl OlsonNew Mexico State1972National Golf Links of America, Superintendent; Borradaile Alumnus Award Winner2006
John C. GrayOklahoma State2004United States Air Force, retired Colonel2006
F. Mac McKinleyOklahoma State1951Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1977-1979)2006
David W. Miller IIOklahoma State1989Trinity Restoration, President & CEO2006
Mike MorganOklahoma State1973Oklahoma State Senate, President Pro Tempore2006
David SuttonOklahoma State1989Ericsson North America, Executive Sales Director2006
James L. McCoskeyIndiana1959U.S. Army, retired Major General2006
Peter Bosomworth*Kent State1950University of Kentucky Medical Center, former Chancellor2006
Jim HeilmeierKent State1949Tasty Pure Food Company, President2006
Dale S. HollandKent State1987United States Air Force, Lieutenant Colonel2006
Bill CraneGeorgia1980Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (2004-2006)2006
Greg HollenMaryland1975Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1997-1999)2006
Ray Clarke*Bowling Green1951Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1972-1975)2006
James GrubbBowling Green1964Exama Oil Company, President2006
William D. JenkinsBowling Green1957Phi Kappa Tau, former CEO (1970-1978)2006
Charles F. KurfessBowling Green1950Ohio House of Representatives, former Speaker2006
William G. BraundWestminster1954Braund, Eiler & Vasko, Partner2006
James N. Donaldson*Westminster1959New York Estate Planning Council, Inc.2006
David Kenney*Southern Illinois1953Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Professor2006
John DykstraCal State-Long Beach1969Star Wars, Academy Award winner for special effects2006
Harry AddisonCincinnati1957Occordia Rauh, Senior Vice President; University of Cincinnati Alumni Association, National President2006
Nicholas DavatzesSt. John's1960A&E television network, President Emeritus2006
Christopher DavenportEast Central Oklahoma1993Today Lending, Founder & President2006
Ernest A Becker*Cal-State Fullerton1970Cal-State Fullerton, former Dean of Students2006
William O'Malley Jr.Cal-State Fullerton1966U.S. Army, Lieutenant Colonel2006
Richard KopfNebraska-Kearney1966Nebraska U.S. District Court, Attorney & Judge2006
Jay McCann*Spring Hill1974Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (2002-2004)2006
Lennie Baker*Northeastern1969Sha Na Na rock group, Co-founder and retired President2006
Todd NapierEvansville1983Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (1999-2002)2006
S. DombrowskiOle Miss1968Hawthorn Group, Chairman2006
Reza HashampourGeorgetown1982iMPAQ & Vianix, President & Owner2006
Charlie BallMiami1982Author of “From Old Main to New Century: A History of Phi Kappa Tau, past National President (2006-2008)2008
Guy Avery*Illinois1916Acme Steel, former President and Chairman2008
John BarrassoRensselaer19712008
Broward WilliamsFlorida19322008
Verle Pope*Florida1962Florida Senate, former President2008
John BraschLouisville1967Brasch & Barry General Contractors, President2008
John Carter*Florida State1956U.S. Department of Energy, former Director of Reference and Information Management2008
Owen CottonOklahoma State1959Cotton, Norton, Stevenson Consulting Inc., Co-Founder2008
Gary ProudRIT1966New York State Assembly, former Assemblyman and Administrative Regulation Review Commission Chair2008
Stanley McKenzieRIT1969Rochester Institute of Technology, Provost, Chief Academic Officer & Professor2008
Daniel DauerOld Dominion1967Old Dominion University, Professor and Eminent Scholar Emeritus2008
Lawrence HuangGeorgia Tech1970Unique Squared, CEO2012
Daniel MetzlerGeorgia Tech1969Dan Metzler Homes, Architect and Homebuilder2012
Michael Power*Louisville1962Power Creative, Founder2012
James PossMississippi1980United States Air Force, Major General2012
Kenneth BuzbeeSouthern Illinois1956United States Marine Corps, retired Lieutenant Colonel; Illinois Senate, former State Senator2012
Michael BerryGeorgetown1980Kentucky Derby Festival Inc., President & CEO2012
Francis BuhlerMiami1947Old Dominion Box Company, retired President2014
William HofferPurdue1968Hoffer Plastics, President and CEO2014
Scott DulchavskyUC Berkeley2013Henry Ford Health System, Chairman of Surgery2014
Ray WalkerPenn State1933Bradford Coal Company, Founder2014
Gerald CuringtonFlorida1969Executive Offices of the Governor of Florida, Deputy General Counsel2014
William MacakFlorida State1973U.S. Marine Corps, Retired Colonel2014
John Slocum Jr.Westminster1959Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University, Professor Emeritus2014
Daniel KingSt. John's1963National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Research Psychologist2014
Paul SaxSacramento State1963Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, Senior Counsel2014
Bob SmithSacramento State1964NCAA, All-American Golfer2014
Michael YorkCentral Michigan1991Fox Sports Detroit, Sports Anchor2014
Marty BeardUC Berkeley1983Chief Operating Officer of Blackberry.2016
Jeff CabotOhio State1967Executive Director of Kids Voting USA.2016
Don CarlyonNebraska Wesleyan1942President emeritus of Delta College.2016
Steve ConradLousiville1976Chief of Police for Louisville Metro.2016
Roman DavisUC Berkeley1966Director of Chemical Development for GlaxoSmithKline.2016
Ted LeitnerOklahoma State1967Play-by-play broadcast announcer for the San Diego Padres, as well as a play-by-play announcer for San Diego State University football and men’s basketball.2016
O. B. ParrishLawrence1952Co-founder and CEO of The Female Health Company.2016
Bruce ReitzMuhlenberg1967Formally served as Vice President of Mutual Fund Operations at AllianceBernstein.2016
Jim RutledgeLouisville1962Retired master distiller and COO of Four Roses Distillery.2016
John SampsonNebraska Wesleyan1960President of Sampson & Associates, a company focused on the mergers and acquisitions of businesses.2016
Bob TobinCornell1957Retired CEO of Stop and Shop, a Boston-based supermarket chain.2016
Larry TylerLouisville1961Interdisciplinary professor of engineering and physics at the University of Louisville.2016
Terry WilliamsUCLA1984Former commanding general of the Marine Corps Recruit Depot/Eastern Recruitment, Parris Island.2016
* represents members who have entered Chapter Eternal