Domain Director Application

Volunteer Summery

A Domain Director monitors the chapters’ operational status while fostering progress through the development of supportive Board of Governors. This includes ensuring policy and standard compliance through the Borradaile Challenge and serving as the primary National Fraternity ambassador in the domain. This is done through the support and maintenance of chapters’ Boards of Governors and the coordination of resources and programs that will aid in chapter development at the Graduate and Resident Council levels.

Major Responsibilities

  • Support and monitor local Boards of Governors
  • Maintain open communication and a positive relationship with the following individuals:
    • Chapter Board of Governors-Board of Governors chairman as the primary contact.
    • Executive Office Staff-Resource consultant as the primary contact.
    • University administrators-Greek advisor or dean of students as the primary contact.
  • Recruit volunteers to serve on chapter Boards of Governors.
  • Assist Board of Governors in implementing national polices, programs and resources.
  • Help facilitate the relationship between Boards of Governors and Resident Council.
  • Conduct a yearly program for the chapter that covers the state of the Fraternity and available resources.