Domain Director Application

The role of the Domain Director has a long history of helping to shape, enhance and push our Fraternity to higher levels of achievement.  Regardless of title changes and variations to the job description, hundreds of brothers have selflessly served in this role across the country and throughout the decades.  Our brotherhood owes all past and current domain directors many thanks for their dedication to our Fraternity.

Over the past several months the Executive Office staff, with support of the National Council, have undertaken a process to re-align the volunteer structure and revamp the role of the Domain Director.  We are confident this shift will help us achieve our next level goals as an organization, while continuing to build a better support structure for our membership.

This volunteer shift was brought about after careful consideration that included conversations with current and past Domain Directors, BOG Members and observations from Staff.  A proposal was submitted for review by the National Council and received approval. In many ways the role remains consistent with its heritage (management of a geographic region, reporting to the CEO, interacting with chapters and providing leadership to our Fraternity as a national officer).  The changes are centered around the priorities for the role:

  • Alumni engagement through establishing and supporting graduate councils (the most underdeveloped component of our organization), anniversary celebrations, foundation advocacy, etc.
  • Onsite programming and/or support
  • Regional Conference support and engagement

Based on a timeline reviewed with current Domain Directors, transitions are taking place through May as we wind down the current academic year.

An application process is complete for the new role of Domain Director.  We are happy to unveil additional detail at the link below that includes anticipated qualifications for the role, expectations for the role and further elaborates on the priorities.

To apply for a Domain Director position click here

Please take some time to review the information on the application page.  If you have questions about applying, please direct those to Brandon Lewis at

If you have questions about the important volunteer shift those can be addressed to