Alumni Advisor

Primary Purpose:

Major Responsibilities:

  • Develop and sustain an alumni relations program for the chapter
  • Understand what may be important to different generations of alumni, and be able to work across generational differences
  • Work with the Resident Council vice president of alumni relations to produce quality alumni newsletters
  • Establish and maintain alumni fund raising for the chapter
  • Welcome new alumni into the Graduate Council and help them make a transition into the working world through a mentor program
  • Help with career development for graduating seniors, young alumni, and all alumni who are seeking employment by providing job referrals and networking opportunities
  • Help the chapter set up homecoming, Founders Day and other alumni events, acting as a liaison with alumni
  • Establish and maintain a Parents Club with the assistance of the Resident Council vice president of alumni relations
  • Encourage local and chapter alumni to participate with the Fraternity’s national philanthropy
  • Help update and maintain an accurate alumni roster at the Executive Offices

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