Board of Governors Chairman

Primary Purpose

  • To maintain membership and organization of the BOG
  • To provide a professional environment
  • To encourage compliance and improvement in regards to the Borradaile Challenge
  • To communicate with constituencies (undergraduates, BOG members, Executive Offices, greek advisor, university officials, Domain Director, etc.)

Major Responsibilities

  • Oversee all operations of the BOG
  • Maintain an adequate membership on the BOG
  • Pre-schedule and conduct monthly BOG meetings
  • Develop, publish and distribute a schedule of BOG attendance at chapter meetings
  • Establish an understanding with undergraduate Executive Council members that they will have a full written report prepared for distribution and discussion at each of the scheduled BOG meetings
  • Periodically review the chapter’s progress as it relates to the Borradaile Challenge, and then discuss with the Resident Council president where the group stands in each category
  • Ensure that the chapter has an active chapter advisor and that there is an open line of communication between the BOG and advisor.
  • Conduct meetings with the chapter advisor twice a semester
  • Conduct a meeting with the House Corporation chairman each semester and report the results of this meeting to the BOG
  • Manage the Chapter Educational Grant (CEG) Fund.
  • Contact the school’s greek advisor, or corresponding school official, monthly each semester to exchange relevant information about the chapter.
  • Oversee the Resident Council as it devises long-range planning strategies, goals and objectives, and follow through on all progress made.

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