Colony Overview

The colonization process is one designed to build a strong, sustainable chapter of Phi Kappa Tau. In order to create a healthy chapter, Phi Kappa Tau has analyzed the best practices from active chapters and developed the following chartering requirements. When a colony achieves the following goals they are eligible to petition for chartering to become an active chapter of Phi Kappa Tau.

The Borradaile Challenge is a standards program within the Fraternity wherein criteria indicate a quality Phi Kappa Tau undergraduate experience. Chartered chapters are evaluated on their performance in certain operational areas through a series of required reports. Within each operational area the standards are tiered into performance groups—Maxwell (excellent), Order of the Star (above average), Basic (average) and Below Basic (poor). The colony chartering requirements are based on the Order of the Star standards of the Borradaile Challenge.

The colony’s success is determined by their ability to set a variety of goals, show patterns of performance, hold members accountable, and achieve the goals that will complete the requirements. Colonies are encouraged to reach out to their Board of Governors (BOG), colony advisor, Domain Director (DD), campus fraternity/sorority life advisor and the Executive Offices staff for support to achieve the chartering requirements.

Note: chartering requirements are subject to change based on demographic information from our partner campus. Changes will be made at the discretion of the Phi Kappa Tau Executive Offices staff.

The Chartering Requirements of The Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity

I. Membership/Recruitment

A. Minimum of forty (40) active members eligible for initiation or
B. Thirty (30) active members eligible for initiation and equal to or above average chapter size on their campus
C. Host a Recruitment Men of Character retreat (RMC Retreat) and create a Recruitment Action Plan

II. Scholarship

A. The colony must be 0.1 above the all-male campus GPA (grade point average) based on a 4.0 scale
B. All officers must have a minimum 2.5 GPA
C. All members must have a minimum 2.4 GPA to be eligible for initiation
D. The colony must have an approved scholarship program (sample provided)

III. Finance

A. Written budget approved by Board of Governors
B. The colony must participate with a licensed dues collection vendor approved by the national organization (i.e. Omega Financial or Chapter Spot)
C. Current on all bills (individual and chapter)
D. Separate savings and checking accounts
E. Minimum of $1000 set aside in savings prior to chartering
F. Minimum of $2000 in savings for a full set of regalia. (Cost for a full set of new regalia is $3200)
G. The colony will be prepared to pay $240 per member initiation fees, which are due prior to chartering and initiation

IV. Colony Administration

A. The Resident Council must meet weekly and keep record of all meetings through minutes and share with BOG and Domain Director (Chapter Services staff if no Domain Director) upon request
B. The Executive Council must meet weekly and keep record of all meetings through minutes and shared with BOG and Domain Director (Chapter Services staff if no Domain Director) upon request
C. All officers are expected to provide an organized report to the Resident Council at each weekly meeting
D. A member of the Executive Council will meet with a representative of the campus Fraternity/Sorority life office monthly
E. The colony should invite the Fraternity/Sorority life advisor (greek advisor) or other applicable university staff to one colony sponsored function per semester
F. The colony is current on all reports due to the Fraternity/Sorority life office or other pertinent university offices
G. The colony is current on all reports due to the Executive Office

V. Board of Governors

A. The BOG must have a minimum of 5 members
B. Each member of the BOG must be certified through the Volunteer Certification Program
C. The BOG must meet ten (10) times per year
D. Typed minutes must be kept of all meetings and shared with Domain Director and Executive Offices staff upon request
E. The Board of Governors Chairman (or a member of the BOG) must have a monthly phone call with the Domain Director (or member of Chapter Services staff where no Domain Director is present) to discuss progress of the colony
F. The colony advisor must attend at least half of the regularly scheduled colony meetings
G. One member of the BOG will attend the Volunteer Development Institute (VDI) annually
H. The Board of Governors must have approved Articles of Operation on file with the Executive Offices (template provided)

VI. Programming

A. The colony must have an approved set of Bylaws
B. The colony must follow the Mark of Distinction membership orientation program as endorsed by the National Fraternity (template provided)
C. The colony will complete the national Risk Management program seminar series endorsed by the National Fraternity. In addition, the colony will work with the BOG and Domain Director to complete the Event Planning Guide at least one week in advance for every chapter social function

VII. Ritual and Regalia

A. Have a full set or access to a full set of approved regalia prior to chartering (the BOG is responsible for procuring these items)
B. Use the colony Ritual Handbook to perform all necessary ceremonies

VIII. Philanthropy/Community Service

A. The colony hosts a minimum of one (1) community service event per semester
B. The colony hosts a minimum of one (1) philanthropy event per semester
C. Each member much complete a minimum of fifteen (15) community service hours per year
D. The colony fundraises a minimum of $750 annually, half ($375) of which is donated to Serious Fun Camps and half ($375) of which is donated to a separate cause(s)
E. The colony will participate in the Founders Month of Service

IX. Communications

A. The colony will send out one alumni (area alumni, relevant stakeholders) newsletter (electronic) per semester
B. The colony will send out one parents newsletter (electronic) per semester
C. The colony will submit one press release for the The Laurel and pertinent campus media per semester
D. The colony will maintain an up-to-date website and relevant social media page of their selection

X. National Participation

A. The colony will send two (2) delegates to National Convention or Conclave
B. The colony will send two (2) delegates to Leadership Academy annually
C. The President will attend Presidents Academy annually
D. The colony will send six (6) executive council officers to the applicable regional conference

XI. Chartering Petition

A. A completed chartering petition must be submitted to the Phi Kappa Tau National Council a minimum of two (2) months prior to desired chartering date.
B. Upon completion of the chartering requirements, the colony must contact an expansion professional at the Phi Kappa Tau Executive Offices staff to obtain the template petition. They will provide instructions on the next steps in the chartering process. This instruction will include completing the petition, the probable timeline for approval and best practices in planning for the chartering weekend.