Chapter – House Manager

Introduction to House Manager

In addition to your job description outlined in your chapters Bylaws, the following are expectations of a House Manager.
The job description and expectations for a house manager resemble the chapter’s expectations to the Housing Corporation.

Job Description and Major Responsibilities

  • Pay rent to the housing corporation on time
  • Assist in collection of rent and parlor fees
  • Assist in securing a room contract and security deposit from each occupant
  • Respect the chapter house and furnishings
  • Perform maintenance agreed to with house corporation
  • Respect, develop and maintain good relations with the neighbors, university and community officials
  • Alert the chapter advisor, Board of Governors, House Corporation to any problems or acts of misconduct
  • Require all proposed alterations, modifications and improvements to the fraternity property to be approved by the house corporation prior to any work being started
  • Operate the chapter house in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws, university regulations, and the guidelines set forth by the Fraternity Risk Management Trust (FRMT)
  • Submit to chapter advisor, Board of Governors, House Corporation all suggestions, complaints, or general comments concerning the fraternity property or its affairs
  • Correct all damages to the house or property and make certain that those responsible reimburse the chapter
  • Maintain a clean house, check for hazards, and adequately secure the property before all school and summer breaks