The Silver Jubilee

In March or 1931, the largest collection of Phi Taus gathered to celebrate the twenty fifth anniversary of the founding of Phi Kappa Tau, The celebration occurred in Philadelphia as a precursor to the August event where more than 200 met in Oxford, Ohio for the Silver Jubilee. The Silver Jubilee witnessed the dedication of the Memorial Headquarters, the original Headquarters of Phi Kappa Tau originally dedicated in honor of the four Founders of the Fraternity. The present Alpha chapter house, newly constructed, was also dedicated. The assembled group included interfraternal friends of Beta Theta Pi, Sigma Chi, and Phi Delta Theta. Honored Founders Borradaile, Shideler and Boyd were present to give remarks.

The Golden Jubilee

The summer of 1956 saw another homecoming of Phi Taus to Oxford, Ohio to celebrate fifty years of brotherhood at the Golden Jubilee of Phi Kappa Tau. The national event was held after Golden Anniversary events were held in the spring across the country. The event was commemorated with the Honored Founders Borradaile and Shideler being the first Phi Taus to be presented with their Fifty Year Membership Certificate.

The Diamond Jubilee

The Diamond Year of Brotherhood celebrated the seventy-fifth anniversary of Phi kappa Tau with a gathering in Oxford, Ohio. The Diamond Anniversary gift to Miami University was the Phi Tau Circle, a park located in Oxford, Ohio near the site of Old Main. The circle features a plaque which reads: Phi Kappa Tau, 1906-1981, Presented on the Diamond Anniversary of its founding at Miami University on March 17, 1906.

The Centennial Celebration

On the occasion of Phi Kappa Tau’s one-hundredth Anniversary, the summer of 2006 again brought the largest gathering of Phi Taus on record to Oxford, Ohio to Celebrate our Heritage and Inspire our Future. Phi Tau has changed in many ways for the time of its founding to the time of its Centennial, but the values that inspired Shideler, Borradaile, Boyd and Douglas on a cold March day in 1906 carry thought to the present. Highlights of the Centennial Celebration include the introduction of the Phi Kappa Tau Hall of Fame to recognize our outstanding alumni, the dedication of the Phi Kappa Tau Centennial Garden, and the Centennial Brotherhood Banquet.