Maxwell Winners

The Maxwell award is presented to the most outstanding chapter in the Fraternity. Evaluations are based on the Borradaile Challenge, a written application in response to the awards committee generated questions and, if chosen, a presentation at the summer national event. The award is named in honor of Roland Maxwell, Southern California ’22.

Past Winners

1961UpsilonNebraska Wesleyan University
1963ThetaTransylvania University
1965UpsilonNebraska Wesleyan University
1967UpsilonNebraska Wesleyan University
1969UpsilonNebraska Wesleyan University
1971RhoRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
1975ChiNorth Carolina State University
1977UpsilonNebraska Wesleyan University
1979EtaMuhlenberg College
1980RhoRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
1981Beta EpsilonUniversity of Southern Mississippi
1982Beta EpsilonUniversity of Southern Mississippi
1983AlphaMiami University
1984ZetaUniversity of Illinois
1985IotaCoe College
1986RhoRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
1987ThetaTransylvania University
1988Gamma AlphaMichigan Tech. University
1989Gamma AlphaMichigan Tech. University
1990Alpha RhoGeorgia Institute of Technology
1991Gamma MuBradley University
1992BetaOhio University
1993Beta BetaUniversity of Louisville
1994BetaOhio University
1995ThetaTransylvania University
1996EpsilonLambda Longwood College
1997Beta BetaUniversity of Louisville
1998Gamma MuBradley University
1999AlphaMiami University
2000Gamma MuBradley University
2001DeltaCentre College
2002DeltaCentre College
2003Alpha LambdaAuburn University
2004PhiBethany College
2005DeltaCentre College
2006Alpha TauCornell University
2007Alpha DeltaCase Western University
2008KappaUniversity of Kentucky
2009DeltaCentre College
2010Delta TauCal Poly-Pomona
2011DeltaCentre College
2012Epsilon SigmaChapman University
2013Alpha OmegaBaldwin Wallace University
2014EpsilonMount Union University
2015UpsilonNebraska Wesleyan University