Chapter – Membership Orientation

Introduction to Membership Orientation Officer

  • Effective MOOs are guides to help the participants move through an intensive and challenging experience.
  • Facilitators ensure that attention is on the AMs, not on themselves.
  • Facilitators ensure the AMs are staying engaged and fully participating in the program.
  • Facilitators ensure there is balanced participation among all AM’s.
  • Facilitators allow AMs to struggle with issues and do not offer answers.
  • Facilitators become comfortable with silence.
  • Effective MOOs are full participants in the experience with the AMs.
  • Facilitators complete all worksheets, reflection exercises, etc. along with the AM’s.
  • Effective MOOs serve as positive role model for AMs.
  • Facilitators address unacceptable, inappropriate behaviors they see and/or hear.
  • Facilitators do not use the AM meetings to advance their own agenda.
  • Facilitators do not put themselves in a situation where they may be viewed as cliquish.
  • Facilitators are present for all meetings and activities on time.
  • Facilitators follow all the policies of the Fraternity and university.
  • Facilitators live the creed of Phi Kappa Tau on a daily basis.
  • Effective MOOs trust the process and let it take its course.
  • Facilitators do not over-process or overanalyze the activities.
  • Facilitators permit participants to experience the whole thing.

Job Description and Major Responsibilities

  • Attend, participate in and preside over all Associate Member meetings.
  • Attend all Associate Member Brotherhood events and educational programs.
  • Be prepared for all AM meetings and events by reading the Membership Manual and the AM Program Weekly Meeting Outline prior to the meeting.
  • Meet weekly with your Advisor.
  • Oversee the Big/Little Brother program.
  • Coordinate all aspects of Associate Member education and involvement.
  • Serve as a positive role model for the AMs by living the creed and Ritual.
  • Assure that no hazing takes place and confront any inappropriate behavior by either the AMs or the Active members.

Goals of a Membership Orientation Program

  • To serve as an introduction to Phi Kappa Tau
  • To inform the AM about the Fraternity: the past, present and future
  • To unify the AMs with the active members
  • Provide opportunities for AM’s to see the values of the Fraternity in action through leadership, scholarship, brotherhood and service
  • Introduce the AM to the alumni of the chapter
  • Instill leadership skills through electing AM class officers and by having the AM’s plan a service event
  • Introduce the AM class to the value of service and the Hole in the Wall Camps
  • Educate the AM on campus and local resources and services
  • Provide academic support and resources to all AMs


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