The Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity has available certain insignia for use by its members. All badge designs are patented and the Greek-letter combination carries a trademark. The sole rights for use of the articles bearing Phi Kappa Tau symbols is represented by a Norman shield of gold divided into two sections. Between the upper section and the base is a red chevron bearing three Phi Kappa Tau stars.  The Fraternity’s motto is placed below the shield on a scroll.

The Associate Badge is a Norman shield edged in white enamel with a field of gold bearing a raised Phi Kappa Tau star. This badge is worn on a shirt pocket or about an inch above the heart on a sweater. It is not worn on a lapel. (The only thing worn on a lapel is a recognition pin. All Associate and Membership Badges are worn over the heart). It is never worn on a t-shirt or any similar undergarment.

The Flower of Phi Kappa Tau is the red carnation.

The Member Badge is an irregular octagon having the major axis from top to bottom. The center is black enamel bearing a star and the character letters for Phi, Kappa and Tau in gold. The black center is surrounded by a band of gold. The only combination of jewels permitted is a diamond or zircon set in the star and sixteen pearls set in the outer band of gold. The badge is worn in the perpendicular position over the heart on a vest, shirt or sweater. It is not to be worn on a t-shirt or any undergarment or on the lapel of a jacket.

The Seal of Alliance is circular, around the outer edge of  which are the words The Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity Grand Seal. The central portion contains two unicorns rampant against the fasces.