Chapter – Risk Management

Introduction to Risk Management Chairman

Every area of chapter operations functions most effectively when a committee is on the job. A h2 chairman and an informed, dedicated and motivated committee/chapter can move mountains. This is especially true in the area of Risk Management.

It could be argued that the Risk Management team consists of the entire chapter. After all, a single decision by a single member can set off a chain of events that could lead to a major risk management crisis.

The primary responsibilities of the Risk Management Chairman and Committee are to oversee and monitor risk management programming to assure that measures are in place to prevent accidents and injuries in all chapter activities.

Job Description and Major Responsibilities

  • Developing a comprehensive Risk Management plan for the chapter.
  • Ensuring that all initiated and associate members are knowledgeable about the Phi Kappa Tau and FRMT Policies on Risk Management and their adherence.
  • Co-coordinate fire drills (with house manager).
  • Report all violations and/or incidents to President, Advisor, BOG, House Corp, Executive Officers, Insurance carrier and University Officials.
  • Follow and enforcing the local, state and national fraternity and applicable policies.
  • Organizing and coordinating all 4 required risk management workshops and ensure completion and submission of reports to the Executive Offices by due dates.
  • Advising all officers and committee chairmen on risk management procedures to implement in the planning of all chapter activities.
  • Conducting weekly inspections of the house in conjunction with the House Manager.
  • Working in unison with the President, House Manager and the Risk Management Advisor from the Board of Governors to provide necessary coverage.
  • Maintaining a h2 understanding of crisis management procedures, which should be communicated to chapter members.


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