Scholarship Advisor

Primary Purpose

  • To promote an environment of scholarship throughout the chapter
  • To be a scholarship resource specialist for the chapter
  • To monitor the chapter’s academic records

Major Responsibilities

  • Develop and sustain a chapter scholarship program
  • Serve as a resource person for the chapter by identifying, locating and providing academic resources
  • Work with the Resident Council scholarship chairman to monitor members’ grades and communication between meetings
  • Summon members who fall below a 2.0 GPA (in a 4.0 scale) to BOG meetings to discuss chapter expectation and potential suspension
  • Recognize, in front of the entire membership, those who excel in the classroom
  • Organize and conduct seminars for the chapter on academic and personal development
  • Encourage the chapter to recognize a “faculty member of the year” and/or invite the faculty members(s) for dinner.
  • Ensure that all members (associates and actives) are meeting all national academic polices, including officer eligibility and initiation eligibility.
  • Continue to search for new and successful resources to add to the chapter/colony resources.

Supplemental Resources

Other Resources