Chapter – Secretary

Introduction to Secretary

While the Statues of the Fraternity calls for a differentiation between the two types of secretaries, often one person holds the office. There are good reasons to do either. One reason the positions may be combined is because the recording secretary’s duties are performed mainly on the nights of the resident and executive council meetings, with the exception of producing an agenda beforehand, keeping an accurate membership roster and other small miscellaneous tasks such as producing a chapter phone list. By combining the two, the extra duties that come with being a corresponding secretary will keep you busy throughout the week. If your chapter is smaller and you do not want to have every brother holding a position, you might also consider having one secretary. On the contrary, if you have a large chapter and feel not enough brothers are involved, that would give justification to keep the two offices separate. Having separate officers perform the recording and corresponding aspects might also allow them to really concentrate on their specific responsibilities and take things to the next level. As a final thought, some chapters currently are set up so they have a secretary and a public relations chairman, which is just a more widely used term than corresponding secretary these days.

When you get right down to it, it doesn’t matter what you are called so long as you are performing the required duties. For the purposes of this manual, the statues will be adhered to and the duties will be listed separately.

Job Description and Major Responsibilities

Responsibilities of a Recording Secretary

  • Read this manual, related constitution and statues, related sections in Robert’s Rules of Order, chapter officer manuals and participate in an officer transition and goal setting meeting.
  • Produce an agenda for each Resident Council meeting.
  • Record accurate minutes at all Resident and Executive Council meetings.
  • Post the minutes of each resident council meeting and email a copy to the chapter advisor and Board of Governors. You may also be asked to email to your Domain Director and leadership consultant and any others deemed necessary by the chapter.
  • Keep a record of attendance at meetings and other required events.
  • At the chapter president’s request, prepare all required reports for the national fraternity and your University in a neat and timely fashion.
  • Maintain an accurate roster with the Executive Offices by updating the Undergraduate and Associate Rosters, due in October and April each year. Complete any such requirements for the University in a similar timely fashion.
  • Maintain the chapter’s By-laws, and add any updates as they occur. Occasional reviews of these documents will ensure they reflect the actual policies and practices of the chapter.
  • Create, edit and distribute a chapter phone list to include school, home and cellular numbers as well as campus and email addresses. Before the end of the spring semester, develop a summer phone list.

Responsibilities of a Corresponding Secretary

  • Keep current on all correspondence of the chapter. This includes invitations, thanks you notes, congratulatory notes, sympathy cards, letters to parents, articles, etc. Order chapter letterhead and stationary as needed.
  • Aid fellow officers in the preparation of articles and publications related to their offices.
  • Produce a chapter newsletter and calendar of events each semester.
  • Write press releases as needed to highlight the chapter’s positive achievements in community service, philanthropy, academics, athletics and campus activities.
  • Write and distribute letters to the parents of all new associate members as well as an annual letter to the parents of the initiated members to showcase the chapter’s accomplishments.
  • Write articles for The Laurel, your local & school newspaper and the campus Greek Journal (or similar Greek specific newsletter, if applicable).

Tips to Excel

  • Develop and maintain a chapter recording secretary manual, detailing specific areas you have had success, contacts made, businesses, vendors, campus relationships, telephone numbers, etc.
  • Properly train your successor.
  • Send flowers or cards to the women’s fraternities and sororities on your campus for special occasions such as their national or local founders’ day, if they help you with recruitment or if you want to invite them to pair up with your chapter for Greek Week or similar activity.
  • Develop and maintain a chapter recording secretary manual, detailing specific areas you have had success, contacts made, businesses, vendors, campus relationships, telephone numbers, etc.


Press Release Guidelines and Templates