Membership Reporting
Having an up to date roster is an important expectation of chapter management.

Membership reporting is the process of informing the Executive Offices of new members and updating current member’s statuses. Having an up to date roster is an important expectation of chapter management. Download form below.


Report Type Report Access to Report Submission of Report
Adding Members Associate Member Registration ChapterSpot
Request to Initiate Download form below Email to submit
Alumni/Honorary Initiation Download form below Email to submit
Removing Members Change Report Emailed from the Executive Offices Email to submit
Voluntary Withdraw Download form below Email to submit
Expulsion Download form below Email to submit
Spring Roster Update Emailed from the Executive Offices Email to submit
Transfer Membership Transfer of Membership Download form below Email to submit
Officer Roster Undergraduate Officer Roster ChapterSpot
BOG Roster Update Download form below Email to your chapter’s Success Manager


Each chapter and colony will have an up to date roster and consistently ensure that all membership reporting is completed on time.

Associate Member Registration

All new associates must be registered on ChapterSpot before the membership orientation process begins, and no later than 10 days after the associate ceremony. Associates can be added by the chapter president, vice president, treasurer or membership orientation officer.

Request to Initiate

All initiations must have Executive Offices approval before the ceremony can be completed. The request to initiate form and the initiation fee must be submitted a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the ceremony. The initiation fees start at $240 and increase based on the type of badge. If members are initiated without CEO approval the chapter will be fined $100 per initiate. Request to Initiate form Watch the video tutorial

Alumni/Honorary Initiation

If the Resident Council or the Graduate Council would like to initiate a professor, school official, father or another male who has assisted the chapter they must submit the proper paperwork and fees a minimum of one (1) month prior to initiation. This form of initiation is only for individuals who do not qualify for undergraduate membership. It does not include undergraduate individuals who do not meet expectations for initiation. Alumni/Honorary Initiation form

Graduate/Spring Roster Update

The Executive Offices sends each chapter a roster in April. This gives the chapter an opportunity to update their roster with the Executive Offices to reflect members who have graduated, left school or disassociated. This helps to make sure the chapter’s roster is as close to accurate as possible before the fall semester. This is sent to the Executive Offices and is due on April 30.

Change Report

The change report is to take current members off of the chapter or colony roster. This must be filed every semester with the fall and spring billing. Members can be removed from the roster if they study abroad, graduate, leave school, disassociate, voluntarily withdraw or are expelled. Remember, Phi Kappa Tau does not recognize early alumni or inactive statuses. The Change Report will be sent with the semester billing, and must be returned by due date. Watch the video tutorial

Voluntary Withdraw

Any member may choose to withdraw his membership from the Fraternity. The member and the chapter president must sign the form and email it to the Executive Offices. If a chapter indicates that a member has voluntarily withdrawn his membership on the change report no credit will be given until the Executive Offices receives the voluntary withdrawal form. Voluntary Withdrawal form

Expulsion Manual

A member may be expelled for violation of a Statute of the National Fraternity, violation of the risk management policy, financial delinquency or conduct damaging to the Fraternity and bring it dishonor. This is the ultimate censure of membership. All materials detailed in the manual must be received before the member can be approved for expulsion. Expulsion Manual

Transfer Membership

Any member may transfer his membership to another Resident Council with permission from both resident council presidents. The member must be in good standing with both chapters, and free of any debt. Transfer paperwork is the responsibility of the individual member transferring membership. Transfer Membership Form

Undergraduate Officer Roster

Elections are to occur between Oct. 15 and Dec. 15 according to the National Constitution and Statutes of Phi Kappa Tau. Once members have been officially installed the outgoing president must change the officer roster (or roles) on ChapterSpot. All communications from the Executive Offices will be sent to whoever is listed as an officer on ChapterSpot.

Board of Governors Roster Update

An updated Board of Governors Roster must be kept up-to-date on ChapterSpot. All volunteers must be certified to be officially appointed, as an advisor, by the CEO. If a member is not certified they will be notified that they must complete certification within 30 days or will be removed from the officer position. The BOG Roster can be updated by the listed chapter president, BOG Chairman, Chapter Advisor or Domain Director. The Executive Offices will use this roster to send out its communication to chapter leadership and advisors.