Recruitment is one of the most essential aspects of fraternity operations. A strong chapter does not look at recruitment as just quality or quantity, but seeks to have a high number of quality members.

In 2009, Phi Kappa Tau endorsed the 5-step recruitment process for undergraduate member recruitment. The process is made up of steps that can be easily tracked, modified and used to build on the next. The process also allows for self-evaluation and helps the board and chapter realize the importance of planning than executing. Phi Kappa Tau believes that following a sales process in all areas of recruitment will have a higher chance of success. The 5-Step recruitment process looks as follows: Step 1: Identify prospective members Step 2: Introduce potential members to your chapter Step 3: Engage with prospective members Step 4: Invite prospective members to join Step 5: Affiliate with the members



All chapters and colonies will follow the 5-step recruitment process. Chapter’s must recruit and initiate a minimum of 8 men. Colonies must recruit to meet their chartering requirements.

Process Management – Names List

It is important to manage the success of your recruitment process. This is done by utilizing a names list. This is a list of potential new members and their contact information, what step they are in the process, and any notes you would like to include. Phi Kappa Tau recommends the utilization of the RecruitmentPro App on ChapterSpot.

Step 1: Identify prospective members

Men are joining fraternities because they meet someone and build a relationship or make a connection. These men will not simply come find you. Therefore, the first step is to get out there and meet as many people as possible.  At this point, you are just identifying men that display your values and making friends with them.

Step 2: Introduce potential members to your chapter

At this point, you have met a new friend and have had some meaningful conversations with them. This stage will allow the potential member to really get to know the other brothers in the chapter and vice verse. Remember, making this prospective member feel comfortable is key. He is not yet making a commitment he is still making new friends.

Step 3: Engage with Prospective Member

The chapter should know if it wants to introduce the young man to the Fraternity. You can start this conversation by simply asking your new friend if he has ever considered joining a fraternity, suggest that he would make a good fit for the chapter, or why he never joined a fraternity. His response should give you some idea of where he stands. From here you can gauge what message would be the most powerful. Be sure to talk about all the benefits of membership in Phi Kappa Tau.

Step 4: Invite Prospective Members to Join

The chapter should feel comfortable extending your new friend a bid if he is the right man for membership in Phi Kappa Tau. At this point, all questions on both sides should have been addressed, and you should extend him a formal bid to join Phi Kappa Tau as an associate member. Let him know what you expect from him and what he can expect from the chapter so that everything is clear and both parties know what they are getting into. Bid Cards are available for purchase from the Executive Offices. 

Step 5: Affiliate with the Members

To affiliate the member, you need to welcome him into the chapter. Let him know that even though he’s not initiated, he is still a member of your chapter. You must follow your approved membership orientation (MO) program. Make sure a new member’s MO period is consistent with honor and reason, as your chapter said it would during the associate ceremony. One of founding fathers’ core principles is “innate self-worth of the individual.”

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