Reporting is essential to view the health of chapters & colonies.

Required reports are a series of reports that the chapter will need to complete in order to remain in good standing with the Fraternity. All operational reports must be submitted through the ChecklistApp on ChapterSpot. To access ChapterSpot all members have to login through Dashboard.

All roster updates are done separately from ChapterSpot. Please see the membership reporting page for more information. Similarly, please see the finances page for more information on the finance reports.

Spring Reports (Jan. 1 – May 15) Fall Reports (Aug. 1 – Dec. 15)
RM Presentation: Health Education & Sexual Assault RM Presentation: Policy Overview (Due by Oct. 15)
RM Presentation: Alcohol & Drug Abuse RM Presentation: Fire Prevention*
Ritual & Regalia Adherence Form IRS 990 Submission (Due by Nov. 15)
Campus & Chapter Info Campus & Chapter Info
Spring Budget Fall Budget
Spring Alumni Relations Report Fall Alumni Relations Report
Spring Philanthropy Report Fall Philanthropy Report
Spring Community Service Report Fall Community Service Report
Fall Grade Report Spring Grade Report

*: This Risk Management Presentation is required for only housed chapters and colonies.


All chapters and colonies will submit all Spring required reports by May 15th and Fall required reports by December 15th, unless otherwise noted.

Borradaile Challenge

The Borradaile Challenge is a standards program within the Fraternity wherein criteria indicate a quality Phi Kappa Tau undergraduate experience. All chapters are expected to provide a basic or better quality undergraduate experience. Chapters must meet at least 10 of the 13 metrics listed below to maintain a Basic or Better overall status. Borradaile Challenge


Phi Kappa Tau has partnered with ChapterSpot to provide an online application for reporting. ChapterSpot will handle all operational reports. This does not include membership reporting. See the reporting manual below for more information.

Community Service

Community Service hours can be tracked using ChapterSpot’s Service Hours App. If the chapter/colony decides to track service hours in another manner, a spreadsheet will be required for the end of each semester report. Information on service events will be collected on the end of semester community service report on the ChecklistApp on ChapterSpot.


Philanthropy is recorded in dollars or goods raised for a charitable organization. The philanthropy report on the ChecklistApp on ChapterSpot will collect event information and dollars or goods raised for organizations other than SeriousFun.

Dollars raised for SeriousFun must be donated through the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation to be counted for the chapter. To make a donation to SeriousFun, please make the check payable to “The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation” with “SeriousFun” in the memo line and mail the check to the Ewing T. Boles Executive Offices, 5221 Morning Sun Road, Oxford, Ohio 45056.

Alumni Relations

Alumni event information and alumni newsletters are collected on the end of the semester Alumni Relations reports submitted through the ChecklistApp on ChapterSpot. Please make sure alumni newsletters are uploaded in a PDF format.

Risk Management Presentations

Chapters and colonies are required to provide three to four risk management presentations to its membership. Risk management education has proven to reduce risk in Phi Kappa Tau chapters and colonies. As leaders in the community it is important to learn about how to keep members, friends, and the Fraternity safe. By effectively managing risk and providing timely education to the membership, the chapter or colony can receive a discount on liability insurance rates in the spring semester.

Risk Management
Provide the appropriate memo to the presenter at least two weeks before the date of the presentation:
Health Education & Sexual Assault Presentation
Policy Overview Alcohol & Drug Abuse Fire Prevention
Complete the below submission form when the presentation is complete and submit the form to the ChecklistApp on ChapterSpot.
Health Education & Sexual Assault Submission Form
Policy Overview Alcohol & Drug Abuse Fire Prevention

Chapter & Campus Info

This report collects information regarding contact information for the campus and chapter. Furthermore, the report also collects information regarding the Fraternity/Sorority Life community on campus.

Grade Reports

Scholarship is an important part of everyone’s collegiate experience, including our members. Reporting of chapter averages, fraternity averages, all male averages and campus averages allows for chapters and colonies to compare themselves to each other locally and nationally.

Ritual & Regalia Adherence Form

Proof of post-initiation discussions with the chapter and newly initiated members and a complete set of regalia are collected through this report on ChapterSpot’s ChecklistApp.
Ritual Form


Financial management is one of the most important aspects of running a Phi Kappa Tau chapter or colony. With proper management, a chapter ensures its members all the benefits the Fraternity offers. The required reports are spring and fall billing, the budgets and IRS filing. All must be completed correctly and on time.

Chapter Budget: Fall | Spring
Colony Budget: Fall | Spring
IRS Filing Information
Financial Responsibility Summary