Risk Management
It is important for chapters and members to follow the risk management guidelines to ensure a safe environment for all members and guests.

Risk management is a crucial part of fraternity operations and all members need to be aware of Phi Kappa Tau’s policy. It is important for chapters and members to follow the risk management guidelines in order to ensure a safe and legal environment for all members and guests. Chapters who are found to violate the risk management policy will be required to address the violation with the membership, complete an intervention plan and remit an insurance premium surcharge ($500 – $2,000).


Report a Concern

Please report any concerns you may have regarding operations at any chapter or colony. Phi Kappa Tau will preserve anonymity if requested. Report a Concern Emergency Hotline: (513) 523-4193 ext. 251.

Risk Management Policy

Phi Kappa Tau follows the policies as defined by the Fraternal Information and Programming Group (FIPG). FIPG’s mission is to promote sound risk management policies and practices, to be the leading resource for risk management education, programming, and information to the broad-based constituency in all aspects of Greek Life. All chapters and colonies of Phi Kappa Tau are expected to abide by these policies in accordance with Title VI of the Phi Kappa Tau Constitution and Statutes. This policy is reviewed annually by the CEO and National Council to keep it current with legal and policy changes. The Phi Kappa Tau Risk Management Policy Fraternal Information and Programming Group (FIPG)

Risk Management Claim Form

When an incident arises at the chapter or colony causing bodily injury or property damage to any person, the information obtained (in the form that can be downloaded below) must be obtained immediately. If the event is of serious nature please call the emergency hotline at 1-800-PKT-1906 ext. 600. Phi Kappa Tau’s Risk Management Claim Form

Crisis Management

A crisis management plan is a process by which an organization responds to a sudden emergency situation. All officers and advisors should be aware of the crisis management plan. Crisis Management

Risk Management Education

Chapters and colonies are required to provide three or four risk management presentations to its membership each calendar year. Risk management education has proven to reduce risk in Phi Kappa Tau chapters and colonies. As leaders in the community, it is important to learn about how to keep members, friends, and the Fraternity safe. By effectively managing risk and providing timely education to the membership, the chapter or colony can receive a discount on liability insurance rates in the spring semester. Reporting

Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is provided through the National Fraternity. To learn more about the Fraternity’s insurance coverage including who is covered, what is covered, etc., please visit the frequently asked question page below. Insurance Coverage FAQ

Member Accident Protection Plan (M.A.P.P.)

A benefit of Fraternity membership is the Member Accident Protection Plan. This program is NOT a substitute for health insurance, rather it complements an undergraduate’s insurance for injuries as a result of an accident. Member Accident Protection Program Brochure.

Hazing Prevention Week

Phi Kappa Tau is proud to continue its support of Hazing Prevention Week and hazingprevention.org. To learn more about the Phi Kappa Tau Hazing Prevention Week initiatives visit our information on hazing prevention.

Please, direct questions regarding this information to trobinson@phikappatau.org (513) 523-4193