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Founded on Saturday, April 27, 1929

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Success Manager: Brandon Lewis, Middle Tennessee State '15

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  • Butera Named Senior Faculty Ou...
    Rob Butera, Georgia Tech '87 was recently named the Senior Faculty Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor. He will receive this award at the Georgia Tech Faculty Staff Honors Luncheon, scheduled for April 22. Since joining the campus in 1999, Rob has had 58 undergraduates work in his laboratory on directed research ... read more
  • Phi Tau named top Human Resour...
    John Bunch, Georgia Tech '01 is leading Zappos radical new management philosophy: getting rid of bosses. The philosophy called Holocracy, which eradicates managers replacing them with a flat, self-motivated, self-directed company structure. Bunch holds three-day seminars to train employees on life within Holocracy and helps to set new policies and procedures ... read more

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