University of Delaware

Newark, Delaware

The Alpha Gamma chapter of Phi Kappa Tau traces it roots to the early 1920s with the formation of a local fraternity Gamma Delta Rho. After four years of operating as its own entity, the members of this organization petitioned Phi Kappa Tau to join its ranks as full members. On December 6, 1924 the Alpha Gamma Chapter was installed and the members initiated into full Brotherhood. The chapter operated until 1936. It was at this time that it was forced to close its doors due to the hardships brought on by the Great Depression. However, the chapter was revived in 1947 and once again the men of Phi Kappa Tau were making an impact both on campus as well as with the local community. By the early 2000s the chapter closed it doors.

Almost 100 years after the chapters initial founding, Phi Kappa Tau will once again be at the University of Delaware to better the hearts and minds of its members, as well as be an asset to the community at large.






Eli Fowler (Left)

Eli Fowler (Left)

Eli Fowler, Middle Tennessee ‘17


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