Chapter Support
The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation strives to support a wide-range of activities that support the brotherhood and individual members. Local chapters have a number of support options available through the Foundation which will assist in educational areas.
Chapter Educational Grant Funds (CEG) are accounts within the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation. They are set up to receive gifts and restrict them for the educational benefit of specific chapters. The money cannot be used for any other chapter or for the general endowment of the Fraternity. The local Board of Governors determines how the funds are utilized on the chapter’s behalf.


A Chapter Educational Grant can be used to cover the cost of tuition payments, awards, recognitions, books or study aids that support academics, including scholarships, academic incentives and academic expenses. A Chapter Educational Grant can be used to cover the cost of registration fees or travel expenses for any of the Fraternity’s Men of Character Programs. The following programs are reimbursed at the following percentages: Presidents Academy (100 percent), Regional Conferences (40 percent), Leadership Academy (100 percent), Volunteer Development Institute (40 percent), National Convention (20 percent) and Conclave (41 percent).

A Chapter Educational Grant can be used to cover the cost of registration fees, travel expenses, booking fees or logistical costs for any leadership-development program, including Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute, LeaderShape, local/regional leadership programs and local/regional speakers. A list of criteria and required documents is available in the Scholarship, Stipend and Grant page.

Apply for a Chapter Educational Grant.

A Cornerstone Endowment is a chapter-specific fund established within the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation utilizing specifically designated charitable gifts from chapter alumni, parents and friends who wish to ensure that students from their chapter will always have access to Phi Kappa Tau’s full array of educational and developmental programs.

The Cornerstone Endowment is designed to produce a perpetual source of revenue that ensures students’ opportunities to participate in Phi Kappa Tau’s Men of Character Programs, including Leadership Academy, Presidents Academy, Regional Conferences, Building Men of Character Retreat and other programs.

Alumni interested in starting a Cornerstone Campaign should contact the Foundation staff.

The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation, through Chapter Educational Grant Funds, provides financial assistance in the form of grants to legally constituted house corporations to assist in maintaining or improving the educational and study areas of chapter houses. Chapter Educational Grant Funds may provide funding for the areas in the chapter house that are, or will be, used exclusively for educational purposes. The grants take two forms: construction grants and operating grants.

A construction grant is used to pay for constructing or renovating the designated education areas of a chapter house or for acquiring furniture or equipment for the area. For example, the proceeds of a construction grant could be used to renovate a room in a chapter house for use as a library or study room or to purchase furnishings and necessary equipment for a library or study room.

An operating grant is used to pay the direct and indirect costs of maintaining a designated education area. Direct costs include the costs of maintaining the designated education area and maintaining the furniture and equipment in the area. Indirect costs are the proportion of general operation costs of the chapter house applicable to the designated education areas. For example, if the designated education areas comprise 10 percent of the total available floor space in the chapter house, the operation grant funds could be used to pay 10 percent of the real estate taxes, insurance, utilities, etc. attributable to the chapter house.

A Chapter Educational Grant can be used to cover the cost of constructing, renovating, furnishing, equipping or operating any areas of a chapter house that will be used exclusively for study and educational purposes, including computer rooms, libraries, study rooms and computer technology. A list of criteria and required documents is available in the Scholarship, Stipend and Grant Packet. Apply for a Chapter Educational Grant.

Alumni continue to acknowledge that they value their Fraternity membership and recognize the impact that living in the chapter house had on their college experience. The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation is prepared to assist local chapters that engage in housing campaigns—big and small. The Foundation will work directly with the local campaign leadership and fundraising council to provide donors with an avenue to give gifts to the campaign, while enjoying tax-deductibility.

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