Parents and Friends

Phi Kappa Tau parents, wives/widows, fraternity/sorority professionals, and other Friends of Phi Tau continually support the Foundation. It is encouraging that so many know you don’t need to be a Phi Kappa Tau member to believe in and support our mission. Gifts from parents and friends provide both unrestricted support and enable the Foundation to grant at least two $1,000 academic scholarships to undergraduate members each year.

Alpha-Miami Beta-Ohio Gamma-Ohio State Delta-Centre Epsilon-Mount Union Zeta Colony-Illinois Eta-Muhlenberg Theta-Transylvania Iota-Coe Kappa-Kentucky Lambda-Purdue Mu-Lawrence Nu-UC Berkeley Xi-Franklin & Marshall Omicron-Penn State Pi-Southern California Rho-Rensselaer Sigma-Syracuse Tau-Michigan Upsilon-Nebraska Wesleyan Phi-Bethany Chi-North Carolina State Psi-Colorado Omega-Wisconsin-Madison Alpha Alpha Colony-Michigan State Alpha Beta-New York Alpha Gamma-Delaware Alpha Delta-Case Western Alpha Epsilon-Kansas State Alpha Zeta-Oregon State Alpha Eta-Florida Alpha Theta Colony-William & Mary Alpha Iota-Pennsylvania Alpha Kappa-Washington State Alpha Lambda-Auburn Alpha Mu-Ohio Wesleyan Alpha Nu-Iowa State Alpha Xi-West Virginia Alpha Omicron-Lafayette Alpha Pi-Washington Alpha Rho-Georgia Tech Alpha Sigma Colony-Colorado State Alpha Tau-Cornell Alpha Upsilon-Colgate Alpha Phi-Akron Alpha Chi-Mississippi State Alpha Psi-Texas-El Paso Alpha Omega-Baldwin-Wallace Beta Alpha-Texas-Austin Beta Beta-Louisville Beta Gamma-Idaho Beta Delta-U of Miami Beta Epsilon-Southern Mississippi Beta Zeta-New Mexico State Beta Eta-New Mexico Beta Theta-Kansas Beta Iota-Florida State Beta Kappa-Oklahoma State Beta Lambda-Indiana Beta Mu-Kent State Beta Nu-San Diego State Beta Xi-Georgia Beta Omicron-Maryland Beta Pi-Middlebury Beta Rho-UCLA Beta Sigma-Idaho State Beta Tau-Bowling Green Beta Upsilon-Hobart Beta Phi-Westminster Beta Chi-Southern Illinois Beta Psi-Cal State-Long Beach Beta Omega-Cal State-Chico Gamma Alpha-Michigan Tech Gamma Beta-Cincinnati Gamma Gamma-St. John's Gamma Delta-Northern Michigan Gamma Epsilon-U of the Pacific Gamma Zeta-Connecticut Gamma Eta-East Carolina Gamma Theta-Western Michigan Gamma Iota Colony-Sacramento-State Gamma Kappa-C.W. Post Gamma Lambda-Central Michigan Gamma Mu-Bradley Gamma Nu-RIT Gamma Xi-East Central Oklahoma Gamma Omicron-Cal State-Fullerton Gamma Pi-Youngstown Gamma Rho-Nebraska-Kearney Gamma Sigma-UC-Davis Gamma Tau-Old Dominion Gamma Upsilon-Spring Hill Gamma Phi-Northeastern Gamma Chi-Delta State Gamma Psi-Texas State-San Marcos Gamma Omega-La Salle Delta Alpha-Iowa Wesleyan Delta Beta-Evansville Delta Gamma-Ole Miss Delta Delta-Bryant Delta Epsilon-St. Cloud Delta Zeta-Emporia State Delta Eta-Marshall Delta Theta-Georgetown Delta Iota-New Mexico Highlands Delta Kappa-Tennessee Delta Lambda-Muskingum Delta Mu-Santa Fe Delta Nu-Wright State Delta Xi-Cleveland State Delta Omicron-Pan American Delta Pi-Murray State Delta Rho-Eastern Kentucky Delta Sigma-Webber Delta Tau-Cal Poly-Pomona Delta Upsilon-Tennessee-Martin Delta Phi-Arkansas Delta Chi-Rochester Delta Psi-Rider Delta Omega-Truman State Epsilon Alpha-Texas A&M Epsilon Beta-West Virginia Tech Epsilon Gamma-College of New Jersey Epsilon Delta-Virginia Wesleyan College Epsilon Epsilon-William Paterson Epsilon Zeta-Buffalo Epsilon Eta-Oswego State Epsilon Theta-San Francisco State Epsilon Iota-Barry Epsilon Kappa-Rutgers Epsilon Lambda-Longwood Epsilon Mu-UNC-Pembroke Epsilon Nu-Clemson Epsilon Xi-Pace Epsilon Omicron-Frostburg State Epsilon Pi-Northern Kentucky Epsilon Rho-Indiana U of Pennsylvania Epsilon Sigma-Chapman Epsilon Tau-Arizona Epsilon Upsilon-St. Louis Epsilon Phi-Indiana State Epsilon Chi-Virginia Tech Epsilon Psi-John Carroll Epsilon Omega-Shepherd Zeta Alpha-Belmont Zeta Beta-SVSU Zeta Gamma-San Jose Zeta Delta-Charleston Zeta Epsilon-Lynchburg Zeta Zeta-Illinois-Springfield Zeta Eta-Alabama Zeta Theta-North Texas Zeta Iota-Indiana-Kokomo Zeta Kappa-Kenyon Zeta Lambda-Middle Tennesse State Zeta Mu-Appalachian Zeta Nu-UMD Lock Haven Colony-Lock Haven Arizona State Colony-Arizona State One-Time Gift Recurring Gift