July 30, 2009: Carbondale, Ill.—On Saturday, April 25 the Beta Chi chapter at Southern Illinois University participated in its fourth Relay for Life event, raising nearly $5,000 for the fight against cancer. This is the third event and second as team captain for Charles Webley, Southern Illinois ’08.

Although he is a senior, Webley is adamant about further involvement in the event. “I am going to continue to be involved in Relay,” Webley said, “again as a team captain and as a committee member for the event itself. We are still fundraising for 2009, with the goal of raising $1,000 more, prior to August 31 to put our team into ‘Gold’ status.”

Currently, the Phi Kappa Tau team has raised $4,996.33 and plans to meet their goal of $6,000 by the end of August, which would make them the only gold status team in their division.

“We have really created a name for ourselves in this area and with this event,” he said. “Every year we raise the bar. This past season we were fortunate to have a new team member named Denise Rutherford. She is the wife of TJ Rutherford. TJ is a Phi Tau and a member of our BOG. Her collected contributions, combined with our Chapters’ collected contributions made all of this possible.”

Webley expects to raise the Phi Tau standard again in the future by gaining new members and boosting fundraising efforts. For now, Webley is focusing on achieving their goal.

“We have another couple of fundraisers planned and our total has grown, and will continue to grow until then,” he said. “You can check relayforlifeofcarbondale.com for our fundraising total. We are the first place team, Phi Kappa Tau.”