Oct. 1, 2009: Bloomington, Ind.—Alex Koehler, Mount Union ’07, recently interned at the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) at Indiana University. The five-day leadership seminar helps fraternity and sorority members enhance their leadership skills.

Koehler first attended UIFI in 2008 as a student.

“I had no clue what to expect, but I had nothing to lose,” he said. “I went at a time when I was confused and desiring more from my life. And, I experienced exactly what I needed at that moment.”

Koehler returned to UIFI as an intern because he wanted to help new students with leadership development.

“Becoming a UIFI intern was a way to share my experiences with men and women from across the country who came in as strangers, became friends, and left as brothers and sisters,” he said. “UIFI helped me realize my potential, as well as the possibility offered by fraternity and sorority life.”

Epsilon chapter is now benefitting from the lessons Koehler learned at UIFI.

“The success that Epsilon chapter has had recently has not been a result of reinventing the wheel, or making things more complicated than they need to be,” he said. “It is simply a matter of great people realizing the potential within themselves and one another. Good things come naturally when this is the focus.”

The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation offers scholarships to undergraduates who attend UIFI. Click here to learn more.

To read more about UIFI and apply, visit the NIC’s website. To encourage a Phi Tau undergraduate to attend the Institute, click here.

Koehler’s words of advice to Phi Taus who attend the event are the same he received from a mentor: “Go with an open mind.”