By: Brothers Trust Chairman Greg Koman, Mount Union ’11

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

For as long as I can remember this quote has acted as my call to action, pushing me to better myself by giving back to those around me. It is this call to action that brought me to Phi Kappa Tau.

Koman Flying Horse FarmsOriginally I became involved with the Fraternity due to my chapter’s dedication to service, specifically in regard to our philanthropy. In just one visit to the nearby SeriousFun Children’s Network camp, Flying Horse Farms, I was able to see how such a place could supply campers and counselors with “magical transforming fun.” From that moment forward I knew that I wanted to be involved with bringing my brothers to Flying Horse Farms so that they too could see the impact our philanthropy had on the world.

In order to be in a position in which I could encourage my brothers to visit Flying Horse Farms I sought out leadership roles inside my chapter. With the help of attendance at Men of Character Programs, I learned I did not need a certain title in order to make a difference in my chapter or on my campus. Rather Phi Kappa Tau taught me how I as an individual could work toward pursuing my vision of the chapter, and motivate my brothers to do the same.

After serving in roles where I could help out my community and my chapter I was still left wanting more. I wanted to be able to give back to the national organization that had given me so much. It was this desire that led me to the Brothers Trust.

Through a donation of $19.06 I was able to give back to Phi Kappa Tau and my brothers around the nation. My donation went toward:

  • Scholarships to reward brothers who are leaders in the classroom
  • Men of Character Programs to assist brothers who aspire to be leaders in their chapter and on their campus
  • SeriousFun Stipends to help brothers afford the travel costs associated with volunteering so they too can see the “magical transforming fun” SeriousFun has to offer

For the past two years I have accepted the challenge. Now I challenge you to do the same. Join the Brothers Trust and help us make a difference in the lives of our brothers around the nation.

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