The Beta Beta chapter at Louisville has grown in the past half-decade. A lot. The growth isn’t the result of some fluke, anomaly or only one group of exceptional recruitment chairmen. Instead, the increase in membership can directly be attributed to concerted chapter efforts.

What is most impressive is it has been steady and sustained. Since 2012, the chapter has consistently grown each year. The number of members has nearly doubled in a four-year span resulting in the chapter’s largest membership in its history at 116 men in 2015. Those numbers also made it the largest fraternity chapter on campus.

With that accomplishment comes the formidable reward of maintaining that size while ensuring the group is still effective. Beta Beta, not unfamiliar with success due to its long list of achievements and notable alumni, was ready for the challenge of thriving at these new heights.

To retain the influx of quality young men Beta Beta had worked tirelessly to recruit, the chapter strengthened its new member program with a heavy focus on mentorship. New members were paired with older brothers based upon similar majors and interests to help ensure a smooth transition.

Improved inclusion was not limited to new members. The executive council met individually with all members to better identify how each brother’s talents could benefit the group as a whole.

As recruitment became a strong pillar of Beta Beta’s success, it was far from the sole priority. Those large numbers enabled the chapter to continue its commitment to philanthropy. In 2015, Beta Beta raised $22,000 for SeriousFun through its annual sorority step show, and was the largest student organization donor for the annual campus dance marathon and completed more than 4,200 community service hours.

“That chapter cultivates learning, leading and serving in all members and excels in each of these areas,” said Louisville Assistant Director for Fraternity and Sorority Life Allison Commings. “Beta Beta has embraced the duties of fraternity membership and has executed those responsibilities with purpose.”

It is that overall commitment that has regularly earned Beta Beta the distinction as a Founders Four chapter and the opportunity to present for the Roland Maxwell Trophy four out of the last five summers.

A difference in Beta Beta’s latest presentation compared to its previous three: it resulted in the chapter raising the trophy. Beta Beta was recognized as Phi Kappa Tau’s most outstanding chapter in the nation with the Maxwell Trophy.