Bethany College has received a challenge grant from its chapter of the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity. Alumni of Phi chapter of the men’s national fraternity approved a $5,000 grant at this year’s Homecoming event at Bethany.

Phi Graduate Council President John Sayers, a 1981 Bethany graduate, presented the donation to Bethany President Tamara Rodenberg, along with Tom Skena, a 1985 Bethany graduate and member of the Phi Kappa Tau National Council.

 “Our alumni have been very impressed with Dr. Rodenberg’s vision, her values and her leadership in her short time as Bethany’s president,” Sayers said. “These can be challenging times for small colleges like Bethany, and we’re confident that shealong with Bethany’s faculty, staff, students and alumni—will continue to excel in its rich history of growing young minds and preparing men and women to lead in the world.” 

The chapter also announced a challenge to the alumni of Bethany’s other Greek organizations to match or exceed Phi Chapter’s donation to support Bethany’s effort to raise at least $400,000 by the end of calendar 2016 for the purposes of restructuring the college’s long-term debt at considerable annual savings. An additional appeal will seek 400 alumni to donate $1,000 each to this effort. 

“We’re glad for the opportunity to help Bethany in this way, following the guidance of our fraternal creed to be good and loyal citizens and to be loyal to our college,” Skena said. “Bethany and Phi Kappa Tau have a common goal of building leaders of character, and have shared this relationship since Phi Chapter’s founding here in 1923. We urge our Greek brothers and sisters to join with us in supporting our alma mater in this campaign.”

Photo credit: Stephanie Gordon