As brothers, we share a common fraternal bond. Throughout our lifetimes we will meet hundreds, if not thousands of men who share this bond. We learn about it as an undergrad and strive to fulfill this commitment through those four years as best we can. Then we graduate college with a goal to stay engaged with the Fraternity that has given us so much. How can we continue this journey?

The Phi Kappa Tau Executive Offices is hiring for a Success Manager in Oxford, Ohio. A Success Manager is the primary chapter contact at the Executive Offices. This entry level position has three focus areas: day-to-day support, resource allocation, and custom solutions. Within those three focus areas, Success Managers focus on consulting and coaching chapter leaders to help them and their chapters become more successful.

Do you want to start your career and develop professionally in an environment shaped by something you are passionate about and believe in? Do you want the opportunity to network with alumni across the country for future career opportunities? If so, please send your resume to Tristan Conroy by email.

Please note the following requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Relocation to Oxford, Ohio
  • Ability to travel
  • Executive Council experience

Priority will be given to applications received by June 3rd. If there are any clarifying questions, feel free to reach out to Tristan Conroy.