For more than five years, SeriousFun’s partner at Abercrombie & Fitch have been dedicating their time, creative energy, and enthusiasm to helping ensure that kids living with serious illnesses experience the magic of camp.  Through volunteer hours and donations of all kinds, their swell of support reached new heights when we launched a network-wide partnership this past April.

That impactful partnership is approaching another major milestone in two weeks: The A&F Challenge! In addition to being a significant fundraiser for the entire Network of camps, it is an amazing chance to communicate our mission to thousands of potential supporters participating in the event and via virtual participation and social media

As one of the longest-standing partners of SeriousFun Children’s Network, we wanted to invite our partners at Phi Kappa Tau to participate in this amazing event or support in any way that they can.

 WHAT: The 15th Annual A&F Challenge Benefitting SeriousFun Children’s Network

WHEN: Friday, September 9, 2016

WHY: Founded in 2001, The A&F Challenge is Abercrombie’s largest annual fundraiser. Featuring live music, local food, drinks and exciting activities, it is an event not to be missed! With more than 3,000 participants annually, this fundraiser has raised more than $10 million to date. This year, all proceeds will benefit SeriousFun Children’s Network. Visit to learn more about this year’s event.


  • Phi Kappa Tau Member Exclusive Opportunity Volunteer for the Event: This opportunity is typically EXCLUSIVE to A&F staff (not even to their guests!), but A&F has extended this reduced rate and volunteer opportunity to include members of Phi Kappa Tau! As a volunteer, you will pay $25 for access to all of the Party Only benefits. In exchange, you will be asked to volunteer for the Fun Run portion of the event. This will be approximately a two-hour volunteer commitment, after which you’ll be free to enjoy the event. You will be the eyes and ears on this short course, making sure that the kids have a fun and safe time in true camp style! You can register as a volunteer and purchase your volunteer ticket here.
    • PLEASE NOTE: The volunteer ticket opportunity is typically only open A&F Associates, so if you choose this option you will be asked to enter your Associate ID. Please enter phitau. You should then select Fun Run from the event drop down list.
  • Participate in the event: Phi Tau brothers in the area of the New Albany, OH-based event are invited to participate in all of the awesome activities taking place at the 2016 A&F Challenge. To find out more about the race, the party and the concert – that’s right, a concert – visit the A&F Challenge activities page and then sign up to participate!
    • Take it one step further and sign up a TEAM so that you can engage your friends and family in supporting SeriousFun! You can start your  own team on the registration page.
  • Participate virtually – A&F created an opportunity for supporters to feel connected to the A&F Challenge and the SeriousFun mission through what else but a T-SHIRT! By donating $25 to the A&F Challenge Fund – half the cost of a general Challenge ticket – virtual participants can support SeriousFun and wear their hearts on their t-shirt sleeves! Just sign up here and select virtual participant in the event section.
  • Spread the word – Whether you’re live tweeting from the event, sporting your virtual participant t-shirt or just want to give a supportive shout-out, don’t forget to tag #anfchallenge and always tag your friends at SeriousFun! 

Thank you in advance for whatever you choose to do to support SeriousFun Children’s Network and The A&F Challenge. The aptly named event truly honors the determined staff, campers and families who are overcoming challenges every day.