Have you had new associates accept their bid this semester? If so, be sure to officially add them to the roster and welcome them to the Fraternity by entering any new members on Dashboard! Please review the organization’s membership reporting policy below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Cecilie McGhehey or your chapter’s success manager.


Membership Reporting Policy

The Phi Kappa Tau Executive Offices requires that new associate members are registered on Dashboard within ten days of receiving a bid from the Fraternity. The president, treasurer or MOO listed on Dashboard all have the ability to report new associate members on Dashboard. All new associate members are required to be registered before beginning the Mark of Distinction new member education program.

Here are the steps officers need to take to report new associate members:

  1. Prior to beginning the registration process, a few pieces of information are needed from each new associate member:
    – First and last name (As it would appear on their birth certificate)
    – Active (and preferred) email address
    – Birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY)
    – Association date
    – $75 association fee
  2. Go to Dashboard
  3. Go to the chapter’s Dashboard
  4. Click on the link to add new members
    – “Click here to add new members”
  5. Click “Add New Member”
  6. Fill out the information
  7. Each associate member must be added individually
  8. After all new associate members have been added, click the roster “Submit” button
  9. The associate members will receive an email to finish registering their account
  10. Once each member is added to Dashboard, the chapter will receive an invoice in the mail for the $75 associate fee per member. Checks must be sent to the Phi Kappa Tau Executive Offices at 5221 Morning Sun Road, Oxford, OH 45056 and made payable to the “Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity”.

If you have any questions about registering or paying for your new associate members, please contact Cecilie McGhehey.