Welcome to April advisors! One of the primary differences we see is that the top chapters continue to operate by their Executive Council setting goals and reviewing the first half of the year. With this being the last full month of the spring semester for many of our groups, please look at these following ten talking points to best advise your chapter.

  1. All reports for the spring semester are due on May 15th. However, it is a best practice to have these prepared well ahead of time. Is your chapter acquainted with what’s due in May?
  2. Registration for the 62nd National Convention in Sacramento California is now open. Each chapter is expected to send two brothers to the National Convention. Early bird registration ends April 15.
  3. Leadership Academy registration is open as well. Has your chapter selected at least two brothers to attend this summer? Early bird registration ends April 15.
  4. Several initiations take place in April, remember payment and paperwork are due to the Executive Offices two weeks before holding the ceremonies.
  5. The National Community Service Event was held on April 1-3 at North Star Reach in Pinckney, Mich. Have you discussed the event and what service your chapter can provide their community?
  6. Two risk management presentations are required for each chapter to hold this semester. Has your chapter scheduled a qualified speaker to speak to the resident council and uploaded the appropriate report to ChapterSpot?
  7. Housed Chapter? Have you discussed how to close down the chapter house for the summer?
  8. As seniors prepare to enter the Graduate Council have you taken the time to discuss with them the responsibilities of being a new young alumni member? Also, be sure to encourage your chapter to follow the proper Graduate Council ceremony outlined in the Ritual Book.
  9. Members of the chapter are students first and foremost. Do the members have their needs met regarding academics for the final stretch of the year?
  10. As the Summer break gets closer and closer to reality for many groups, have you spoken with the Executive Council of things they can do this summer to make sure they don’t miss a beat for when they return for the Fall?