Brothers Trust month is almost over, it can be hard saving up money to donate. Being a college student can be hard at times, but that’s why we’re going to show five ways on how to save money for donating to Brothers Trust.

  1. Don’t go out to eat one weekend

Going out to eat with brothers and friends is a lot of fun, but costs rack up quick. Instead of going out to eat, utilize your meal plan and eat in your campus’ dining hall or stay in and cook your own meal. Not only will this save you money to donate, but could be healthier too!

  1. Utilize student discounts

Check your student ID to see where you can get local discounts at stores. Not only will this help you save money for Brothers Trust, but can lead to saving more money in the long run.

  1. Make your own coffee

College students love buying Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts or campus coffee, but prices can rack up quickly. Look into brewing your own coffee in your room or house to save money or go a few days without coffee and you’ll have your $19.06 ready to donate.

  1. Water bottles vs. Reusable water bottles

Everyone loves some H20, but buying plastic water bottles can not only put a dent in your wallet but can be harmful to the environment. Investing in a reusable water bottle can help both the environment out and help your wallet out.

  1. Borrow DVDs from local library

Instead of using your Netflix, Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime account, or going to your Redbox, why not look into getting a library card from your local library. As long as you’re a student from that state, you can get your library card for free and can rent out movies, games and books again, for free. This can help you save a handful of money and have a huge selection of titles to pick from.