By: Resource and Development Coordinator Ray Sophie, Southern Illinois ’08

“There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.”
–Steven Wright

Recruitment has become the fraternity equivalent to weight loss for Americans. Both have fads and gimmicks that are supposed to be “revolutionary,” and “instant successes.” Both include a number of people who want “quick fixes” or “miracle solutions.” Most importantly, both have simple solutions that can be summed up in three words:

Eat healthier. Exercise.
Make new friends.

While both seem oversimplified, they aren’t. However, people tend to overcomplicate these solutions because it requires hard work and discipline.

It may mean waking up an hour earlier or passing on a delicious sandwich for a less tasteful salad. Or, it may mean getting outside of your comfort zone and talking to [GASP] strangers.

How terrible.

You see, like many things in life, the answer is straightforward. But so, too, is the work. To make recruitment successful, just like any weight loss plan, YOU have to do the work. Not just your recruitment chairman.

Your recruitment chairman is the chapter’s personal trainer for recruitment. The recruitment chairman coordinates the training exercises and schedule (recruitment activities calendar), monitors and assesses your progress (coordinates the 5-Step Recruitment Process via the names list), and challenges you to push through the pain and not give up on a goal because it gets hard. So, if being disciplined about healthy eating and working out is the proven path towards weight loss, how then can we apply these lessons to recruitment?

Here are a few tips to make your chapter’s recruitment successful this year: MEET NEW PEOPLE. Chapters always want to “create buzz.” This is a term for lazy people that want to be cool without doing anything. You know why the cools kids are cool? It’s because they BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with other people. They talk to men, women, professors, janitors, secretaries, and on and on. You want to create buzz for your chapter? Go meet a bunch of new people.

DO SOMETHING. If Aldous Snow can figure it out, you can too. Doing something does not include throwing an event at your house, putting up flyers, and waiting for people to come over and see how awesome you are. Doing something means INVITING the new friends you make in class, clubs, sports, jobs, etc., to do something with you and your other friends. This could be lunch, video games, studying, Parcheesi, hopscotch, whatever!

Be proactive, not reactive (lazy). DO IT ALL YEAR. Meeting new people and asking them to hang out with you is not and SHOULD NOT be limited to one to two weeks a year. The more people you become friends with, the more opportunities you have to change someone’s life by introducing him to Phi Tau.

You have a gift. Phi Tau has changed my life, and over 90,000 others. Will you change somebody’s life this year?

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