By: Multimedia Associate Marty Dunning, Kentucky ’07

There’s this video on the Internet that is surprising a lot of people.

[youtube=]Meghan Vogel, a high school student, was competing in the Ohio state track meet.  She had already won the 1600-meter race and was in the middle of the 3200-meter race. About 50 meters from the finish line, she watched a competitor collapse in front of her.

What do you expect that she’d do?

Vogel stopped, picked up her competitor and helped her to the finish line. Not only that, but Vogel made sure her competitor finished before her since the woman was ahead of her the whole race.

When interviewed later, Vogel said, “Helping her across the finish line was a lot more satisfying than winning the state championship.”

Why would someone do this? I mean, usually a runner gets disqualified for helping another runner, and this was the state finals. Instead of taking the opportunity to place higher, Megan put this other woman ahead of herself.

Character. It’s a word that’s meant a lot to Phi Taus over the years. Not only that, but integrity, humanity and selflessness.

When I joined my chapter, there were several men who exemplified these characteristics. I had a lot of personal stuff that I had been bottling up for years, and I was OK with dealing with it on my own.

Sparing you all the dirty details, a few brothers realized this and showed they cared. These men knew I needed to talk to someone. They understood I just needed to vent. I had to figure out life, and they took it upon themselves to help me.

It’s kind of like helping a competitor finish a race. They lifted me up, put me in front of themselves and helped me cross the finish line to a better college experience. These men cared about my well-being.

What have you done for your brothers lately?

The moment you take an avid interest in this brotherhood and in your brothers, you get more out of Phi Kappa Tau. It’s when Phi Kappa Tau will benefit from you, as well.

What did I do with my Phi Tau experience after these men helped me?

Sure, I did my best to show them my appreciation. Some of that was just in the continued bonds we have held over the years. A lot of that was also my dedication to our Fraternity. I wanted to help other brothers the way they helped me. That’s part of the reason I’m working at our Executive Offices now.

So, help a brother out. College is tough, and we all could use a lift and a push at some point.

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