March 19, 2014: Oxford, Ohio—Foundation Trustee Tom Jeswald, Ohio ’63, who is the chairman of the Board of Trustees Scholarship, Stipend and Grant Committee, is proud to announce the appointment of Richard P. Harrison, Ohio ’79, as the 2014 Scholarship Committee chairman. Joining Harrison on the committee are seven Phi Kappa Tau alumni volunteers and two Phriends of Phi Tau (nonmembers).

The Scholarship Selection Committee includes:

  1. Rick Harrison, Ohio ’79 – chairman
  2. Steven Binzel, Case Western ’08
  3. Kevin Boatright, Nebraska Wesleyan ’71
  4. Brent DeVore, Ohio ’61
  5. Wes Fugate, Centre ’99
  6. Jamie Geise
  7. Garry Klingbergs, Cleveland State ’82
  8. Christina Mastrangelo
  9. John Mountz, Penn State ’90
  10. Jacob Raderer, Centre ’07

The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation provides academic scholarships to students pursing bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees. Scholarship recipients are carefully chosen based upon their academic success, commitment to the ideals of Phi Kappa Tau, and service to their campus, community and Fraternity.

Due to the generosity of Phi Kappa Tau benefactors through the years, $50,000 in academic scholarships will be awarded this year.

Scholarships awarded at large are intended for students who will be entering the next academic year as a sophomore, junior, senior or graduate student. Applicants should have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and be enrolled as a full-time student.

All scholarship applicants are reviewed by the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation Scholarship Committee. Emphasis will be placed on scholastic achievement, chapter service, and campus and community activities and honors. Factors such as demonstrated leadership qualities and character should be reflected in letters of recommendation.

The charge for the Scholarship Committee is to solicit applications for Foundation scholarships, award Foundation scholarships to Phi Kappa Tau associate, Resident Council and Graduate Council members, and provide support and strategic guidance to the Foundation Board of Trustees and Executive Offices staff in the academic scholarship selection process.

The committee will meet monthly beginning this month and will begin work immediately. The scholarships will be awarded in May and will be presented to the recipients at 61st National Convention in Washington, D.C. A full report of scholarship recipients will be included in the 2014 Annual Report.

Students pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree and interested in applying for a Phi Kappa Tau Foundation scholarship can learn more at Applications are due April 1.

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