We are currently working to grow our Friends of Phi Tau community with passionate and talented individuals who are interested in facilitating at some of our programs.

Below you will find brief descriptions of each of our programs:

unnamed-3Presidents Academy: Presidents Academy is designed for new presidents to gain deeper understanding of the responsibilities of a chapter president. Participants learn to lead effective chapter meetings, lead an effective Executive Council, create constructive relationships beyond the Resident Council and take positive action during challenging times. Participants also create connections with chapter and Fraternity leaders, enhance their communication skills and leave with a plan for positive change in the chapter.

unnamed-4Regional Conferences: Regional Conferences are focused on preparing incoming officers to be strong and effective leaders and managers throughout the year, while providing additional members training to be more effective chapter leaders. The program educates participants on leadership skill building, an overview of Fraternity operations and the day-to-day tasks of the particular offices.

unnamed-2Leadership Academy: Leadership Academy is the Fraternity’s premier, individualized leadership-development program for rising Phi Kappa Tau leaders. The four-day program is offered in three sessions of 40-60 students at summer camps across the country. Participants will create connections with rising Phi Kappa Tau leaders while identifying their own leadership style and learning how to effectively use their core values as leaders.

unnamed-1Volunteer Development Institute: Volunteer Development Institute is a three-day program designed for volunteers who work directly with chapters. It is focused on how to work with today’s college students, as well as providing the volunteers with an intensive understanding of the national organization and all related policies. Participants leave with an increased confidence and understanding of how to advise a chapter and provide support to undergraduate students.

unnamedBuilding Men of Character Retreats: A Building Men of Character (BMC) Retreat focuses on strengthening brotherhood, internal communication and operations at the chapter level. Members participate in curriculum to build awareness and appreciation for the purposes and values of Phi Kappa Tau, while examining the individual role of each member in relation to the success and future of the chapter. The two-day program, facilitated on-site by alumni and friends of Phi Tau, offers experiential activities and ample discussion time to address individual concerns in a small group environment.

We feel you would be an amazing Friend of Phi Tau and hope that you think so too! If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the survey below. If you know a colleague who might be interested, please forward this to them.

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