Phi Kappa Tau recognizes hazing plays no part in creating a successful chapter, building a strong brotherhood or creating a great fraternal experience. Because of this, we are challenging our members!  We are challenging each brother and chapter to own their Phi Tau experience.  We are challenging our brothers to create a chapter that aligns with the calls to be a better Fraternity man found in our creed.

According to survey data from GreekLifeEdu, Greek men, in general, have positive and healthy attitudes toward hazing. Did you know approximately two out of three Greek men support no-hazing policies?  Did you know over 75% of Greek men disagree that hazing is an essential part of their organization’s traditions? Let us move these healthy and positive attitudes to action beginning with your support of National Hazing Prevention Week.

Occurring September 19 – 23, 2016, National Hazing Prevention Week (NHPW) is an opportunity for campuses, schools, communities, organizations, and individuals to raise awareness about the problem of hazing, educate others about hazing and promote the prevention of hazing.

During National Hazing Prevention Week, we ask our membership to participate in several different ways:

  1. Undergraduates can complete part one of GreekLifeEdu. This program offers personalized education that addresses many critical issues including hazing through a unique, confidential, and personal experience. Then, as a chapter, discuss what you have learned and how to apply what you have learned to prevent hazing.
  2. Get every member of your chapter to Take the Pledge against hazing.
  3. Share your positive new member experiences, your healthy chapter traditions, or how you have created a positive change within your chapter. Share your story here.
  4. Participate in a NHPW activity or event on your campus.

Throughout National Hazing Prevention Week share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by using #NHPW2016 and #OWNIT

Learn more about National Hazing Prevention Week.