The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation is excited to announce the launch of a new support opportunity for local chapters. The Foundation will partner with local chapter alumni to engage in a Cornerstone Campaign to establish an endowment fund to support the local chapter.

The Foundation strives to support a wide-range of activities that support the brotherhood and individual members. Local chapters have a number of support options available through the Foundation which assist in educational areas.

The affinity of Phi Kappa Tau alumni for their chapter is strong. While many alumni have embraced the overarching Fraternity, its far-reaching brotherhood, and the valuable programs it initiates and sustains, the ties to chapter remain understandably strong among a broad cross-section of alumni. To acknowledge this affinity and to provide alumni with avenues for directly supporting their chapter with qualified charitable gifts, Phi Kappa Tau Foundation seeks to enhance chapter-level support by providing new and sustaining fundraising opportunities.

A key component of the Foundation is Chapter Educational Grant (CEG) Funds. CEG Funds are accounts within the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation which are set up to receive gifts and restrict them for the educational benefit of specific chapters. The money can only be used with the designated chapter. The local Board of Governors determines how the funds are utilized on the chapter’s behalf.

CEG Funds and its predecessor, Chapter Library Funds, have been providing a unique funding source for local chapter for decades, said Executive Director Tyler Wash, Georgetown ’06. “With the addition of Cornerstone Endowment Funds, the Foundation can further serve the growing financial needs of local chapters better.”

A Cornerstone Endowment is a chapter-specific fund established with the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation utilizing earmarked charitable gifts from chapter alumni, parents and friends who wish to assure students from their chapter will always have access to Phi Kappa Tau’s full array of educational and developmental programs.

The Cornerstone Endowment is designed to produce a perpetual source of revenue that ensures students’ opportunities to participate in Phi Kappa Tau’s Men of Character Programs, including Leadership Academy, Presidents Academy, Regional Conferences, Building Men of Character Retreat, and other educational programs.

The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation will provide local campaign champions a set of resources that will ensure a successful Cornerstone Campaign. These resources include marketing materials, pledge forms and a campaign dashboard. These resources are tailored to a specific chapter.

For information about Cornerstone Endowments or to find out if your chapter is currently engaged in one, please contact Foundation Executive Director Tyler Wash, Georgetown ’06.