National President Mike Dovilla, Baldwin Wallace ’94, today announced the creation of the Volunteer Recruitment and Training Initiative (VRTI), a new program of the National Fraternity which will focus on identifying, engaging, and cultivating high-quality alumni volunteers.

“The VRTI addresses a fundamental but often unstated reality of the fraternal world: chapters that have strong alumni support are more likely to succeed, while those that lack such commitment are more prone to experience challenges,” said President Dovilla.  “The goal of this program isn’t new; what’s noteworthy is our commitment and focus at the highest levels of Phi Kappa Tau.”

The purpose of the VRTI is threefold.  First, it will highlight the National Fraternity’s efforts to manage a robust volunteer corps at the local, regional and national levels, a goal articulated in the Recruitment/Retention strategic imperative of Phi Kappa Tau 2020.  The specific metrics for that goal are to: (1) maintain 90 percent of all volunteer roles with accredited volunteers; (2) develop a volunteer recruitment plan; and (3) develop a leadership development plan for all local, regional and national volunteers.

Second, the VRTI will carry into operation our shared belief, backed up by years of empirical evidence, that the chapters best positioned for success are those with robust corps of engaged alumni advisors, while those without this support system are more likely to struggle or even fail.

Third, it will tackle head-on one of the primary feedback items National President Dovilla has heard while visiting chapters and talking with alumni around the country over the past few years: the observation, whether real or perceived, that the National Fraternity can improve its interaction and communication with chapters.

“Much like our recently announced Presidents Roundtable Initiative, the Volunteer Recruitment and Training Initiative is designed to knock down the barriers between the National Fraternity, its local chapters, and members of all ages,” stated Dovilla.  “I’ve specifically tabbed Vice President Brasch to lead this effort, leveraging some of his strongest attributes – relationship-building, organizational skills, and tenacity.  I am confident he’ll carry out this mission with the enthusiasm he has exhibited and results he has helped achieve at our reigning Maxwell chapter.”

In the coming weeks, Vice President Brasch will be building a committee to partner with him in carrying out the vision of the VRTI.  For more information or to get involved, contact Brasch at