National President Mike Dovilla, Baldwin Wallace ’94, today celebrated the first 100 days of the National Fraternity’s 2016-2018 biennium with a recap of the brotherhood’s collective accomplishments.

“Just 100 days ago in Sacramento, I pledged that our administration would outline an optimistic vision for Phi Kappa Tau and then act with vigor and precision to carry out that plan. I’m pleased to confirm we are doing just that,” said President Dovilla. “The National Council, Advisors, and Executive Offices staff, in concert with our alumni volunteers and undergraduate members all across the nation, are already making measurable progress on our strategic plan, Phi Kappa Tau 2020, while remaining strongly committed to the Creed, Mission, and Vision of the Fraternity.”

Key among the National Fraternity’s accomplishments since July 10, 2016, are:

  • the appointment of five distinguished alumni as National Advisors for Governance, Recruitment/Retention, Education, Leadership, and Service – all of whom are leading committees in executing their strategic imperatives of Phi Kappa Tau 2020;
  • the appointment of five highly qualified National Committee Chairmen charged with transforming the fraternity experience for Phi Taus of all generations;
  • the establishment of the Presidents Roundtable Initiative (PRI), a series of monthly conference calls with small groups of chapter presidents, designed increase transparency and better communication between the National Fraternity and its chapters;
  • the establishment of the Volunteer Recruitment and Training Initiative (VRTI), a program lead by National Vice President Bill Brasch to identify, engage, and cultivate high-quality alumni volunteers to Boards of Governors and House Corporations;
  • the establishment of a Convention Review Commission (CRC), chaired by Past National President Greg Hollen and charged with conducting a full-scale review of the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity’s national biennial gathering; and
  • the recruitment of over 1,100 new undergraduate members by chapters across the United States.

“Fraternity is a team effort. Together, the brothers of Phi Kappa Tau are pulling on the oars at the same time and moving our boat in the right direction,” stated Dovilla. “I am incredibly proud of the great work our men – undergraduate and alumni alike – are executing at chapters and colonies across Phi Kappa Tau. And we are just getting started. Let us look with confidence and excitement toward our bright future.”