Phi Kappa Tau is coming to the University of South Carolina. Beginning October 17, our team will be on site in Columbia for seven weeks to select quality individuals to start this brand new colony of Phi Kappa Tau. With the University of South Carolina colony being a brand new campus for Phi Kappa Tau, we are excited for the opportunity to give the gift of our brotherhood to Columbia.

As a new group, alumni support from several of our chapters will be critical for the success of the colony.

If you are interested in aiding in the success of this new colony through volunteering for the Board of Governors, you should reach out to Domain Director Brandon DodsonGeorgia ’97.

To sign up for a list to receive exclusive project updates, please reach out to Associate Director of Organizational Growth, Logan LukacsBaldwin Wallace ’10.

To refer a member to the expansion effort, please recommend him.