norman-rockwell-freedom-from-want-1943A grandmother-type figure holding a perfectly prepared turkey. A well-dressed man looking over her shoulder, smiling at his family. Family members—young and old—sitting around an elegant table set for dinner.

You know the painting. It’s Norman Rockwell’s Freedom from Want, or more commonly known as The Thanksgiving Picture.

Yes. Thanksgiving is here, and for many of us, our minds envision a day that resembles that classic Rockwell scene. But, in reality, our minds are racing with the tasks that must be checked off before we say goodbye to 2016.

We have events to plan, gifts to buy, travel to schedule and year-end work to complete. There is no doubt that these final 40 days are some of the busiest.

In the midst of this chaotic time, there is Thanksgiving Day. Like an oasis, this day is set aside for us to take pause, spend time with friends and family, and reflect. While reflecting on the people you are most thankful for and remembering the good fortune you have been blessed with, everything comes in to perspective.

Phi Kappa Tau is thankful for you.

Our brotherhood embraces and cherishes the “innate worth of the individual.” Each brother—undergraduates and alumni alike—brings a special set of talents and passions to Phi Kappa Tau. Each brother is an integral link in the chain that makes our beloved Fraternity strong. That is something to be thankful for.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and on behalf of the Phi Kappa Tau National Council, I encourage you to make this day special. Take a few moments to pause and be thankful for your friends, family and Fraternity. They are all thankful for you.