The upcoming biennium sees a highly-qualified group of servant leaders who will lead Phi Kappa Tau. The National Council (pictured above) serves as the Fraternity’s legislative body when the National Convention is not in session. It is responsible for a variety of strategic and policy issues and oversees the execution of Phi Kappa Tau 2020.

National Advisors

Some of our Fraternity’s best and brightest men have been appointed to serve as national advisors to execute Phi Kappa Tau 2020. This highly qualified corps of advisors, which brings a broad and deep set of professional experiences, strong interpersonal skills, and a passion for our brotherhood, is the right team to get the job done for Phi Kappa Tau. The cabinet of national advisors is composed of the following brothers:

National Governance Advisor

Jeremy Glesner, Longwood ’95

National Recruitment/Retention Advisor

Alex Koehler, Mount Union ’07

National Education Advisor

Allyn Shaw, Michigan State ’85

National Leadership Advisor

David McCollum, Oklahoma State ’66

National Service Advisor

Doug Sitzler, Miami ’06

Undergraduate Advisory Board

During the 62nd National Convention, a slate of outstanding undergraduate men was elected to serve on the Undergraduate Advisory Board. The UAB provides insight to the National Council on a variety of topics pertaining to chapters and the overall fraternal experience. The UAB regularly communicates with chapter leadership to ensure the lines of communication stay strong. The UAB membership is composed of the following brothers:


Shelton Evans, Baldwin Wallace ’13

Vice President

Mark Eddy, RIT ’14

Hayden Rutledge, Belmont ’14

Austin Shaw, Purdue ’13

Joseph Robichaud, Southern Illinois ’15

Alex Haller, Middle Tennessee State ’16

Sam Stevens, Louisville ’15

Alec Sewall, Ohio State ’15

Carlos Zamora, Case Western ’13

Christopher Youngbrandt, Purdue ’14