Over the past years the Foundation has focused on transformational changes. It has transformed itself to align better with our overall mission and goals. This began with the development of a strategic plan for the Foundation which defines our intentional direction and enhances our relationship with the Fraternity.

The Foundation made a significant investment in a new information technology system. The newly implemented database will be used by both the Fraternity and Foundation to better engage our membership from the time they associate with Phi Tau through their alumni years.

The organization’s Comprehensive Alumni Engagement Plan is addressing a variety of issues to engage better and communicate with our alumni. The fraternity experience is not something that ends at graduation but continues throughout our lives. Whether you are involved with your chapter or the larger Phi Tau community, the benefits of brotherhood ensure our connections are lifelong.

In partnership with the Fraternity, the Foundation is working toward a unified communication and marketing strategy which embraces who we are as Phi Kappa Tau. We have a great story. Our refocused strategy will better articulate the story of Phi Kappa Tau to all our members and stakeholders. You will notice many of these initiatives for greater engagement beginning in the new year.

The Foundation overwhelmingly supports our leadership programs. The Foundation was founded to financially support Phi Kappa Tau and to sustain high levels of educational programming. Today, hundreds of brothers have the opportunity to engage with other brothers in a positive learning environment. The best way to develop men of character is to expand and enhance our educational offerings. Recently the Foundation established a new fund focused on expanding our digital educational library. This is one example of this ongoing commitment.

It is through the efforts of dedicated volunteers and staff that we are making significant strides. Providing a positive experience and personal growth and leadership opportunities to our young brothers is what drives our work.

There is no easy way to say it: all this takes money. Your support of the Foundation through your gifts focused to your specific chapter in a Chapter Educational Grant Fund, or to our Brotherhood Fund allows you to be a part of this 110-year-old movement and develop men of character.

It’s a great time to be a Phi Tau!

Phi Kappa Tau’s Online Learning Fund

The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation has established the Online Learning Fund to support world class digital learning as outlined in Phi Kappa Tau 2020.

Support the new initiative today by giving to the Online Learning Fund at phitau.co/OnlineLearning.