After all the Harvard red and old gold balloons had fallen at the final banquet of the Centennial Celebration, Phi Kappa Tau as an organization faced an important question: Now what?

The product that resulted from that question was the Fraternity’s strategic plan. The primary focus of this plan was for the Fraternity to take the leap from “good to great.” The strategic plan, adopted by the National Council in 2008, focused the Fraternity on five strategic goals: alignment, education, leadership, recruitment/retention and service. As a result of this strategic plan, the Fraternity was able to move forward in ways never before imagined.

CEO Tim Hudson, Truman State ’97, recently celebrated his fifteenth anniversary on th Executive Offices staff. During his time in Oxford, Hudson has served many staff positions including traveling chapter consultant and director of chapter services. He has a unique perspective on the realized success of the previous strategic plan.

Observations from our CEO…

tim-hudson-photoshoot_0068The easiest way to summarize what I have witnessed over the past decade is to say that Phi Kappa Tau has focus. We have been focused on executing the plan that was adopted in 2008 and we have focus in where we are headed next.

From my desk (in various roles throughout this past decade) it is evident that our organization is making intentional decisions that has transformed the experience we provide today’s members (undergraduate and alumni alike).

On the next page, you will see a list of accomplishments. A great deal has been achieved by the hard work of hundreds of volunteers and dozens of Executive Office staff members. To be sure, there have been struggles along the way. The move from “Good to Great” doesn’t happen with ease. It takes persistence.

There has been a transition of leadership at all levels of the organization. In all of that change, we have been able to point to our plan for continuity. Phi Kappa Tau has arguably moved the needle toward being a great Fraternity, but much is yet to be done. We need to remain focused as we begin our twelfth decade of brotherhood and as we work toward achieving Phi Kappa Tau 2020.

I hope you will commit to helping your Fraternity on this journey…and I look forward to seeing our next round of achievements.

The Successes of the Last Decade

With the keen dedication from Phi Kappa Tau brothers and volunteers this plan moved the Fraternity from “good to great” in these specific areas:

  • Undergraduate membership grew to more than 4,700.
  • Average chapter size increased from 38 to 50.
  • Twenty-two chapters were chartered.
  • Presidents Academy was developed and launched.
  • The Volunteer Development Institute was developed and launched.
  • The online Volunteer Certification program was established.
  • Four new Regional Conferences were added.
  • Leadership Academy developed from one biennial gathering to three annual events around the nation.
  • Founders Month of Service was created.
  • The National Community Service Event was launched.
  • Good to Great Retreats were developed to assist chapters with operational needs.
  • Learning.Leading.Serving. was approved as the Fraternity’s tagline.
  • New branding standards and graphics were created.
  • A Comprehensive Education Plan was created.
  • A Comprehensive Alumni Engagement Plan was created.
  • The roles of the National Council were codified and streamlined.
  • The Undergraduate Advisory Board was created.
  • Conclave was created as a biennial national event in Oxford, Ohio.