As a high school track athlete, I ran the 1600m – four laps around the track. Although it’s a distance event, the race is run at a pretty fast pace.

With the arrival of 2017, we have completed the first of our four laps around the Phi Tau track between the 62nd and 63rd National Conventions. And like a strong 1600m competitor, we’re running hard.

Consider just a few of our accomplishments. Since July 10, 2016, we have:

  • launched and begun execution of Phi Kappa Tau 2020, the Fraternity’s new strategic plan;
  • recruited more than 1,200 new undergraduate members, a 13 percent increase from last fall’s recruitment numbers, as we strive briskly toward our goal of 5,000 Resident Council members;
  • re-chartered two of our oldest chapters – Zeta at Illinois and Alpha Alpha at Michigan State – a pair of Big Ten, land-grant universities in the heart of the Midwest, where Phi Kappa Tau has a storied past and bright future;
  • opened colonies at Iowa State, Boston University and the University of South Carolina (with 83 members at South Carolina, the largest colony in Fraternity history), representing continued future growth for Phi Kappa Tau;
  • emphasized our brothers’ health, shifting focus from risk management to prevention and wellness, and realizing immediate results with more than 4,000 undergraduates engaging in our GreekLifeEdu partnership;
  • re-launched the Phi Kappa Tau brand – the first time our Fraternity and Foundation have engaged jointly to develop a unified identity: developing men of character into MEN OF DISTINCTION.
  • Established key initiatives, including
  • reestablished the Domain Director Committee to support the recruitment, retention, and training of our critically important corps of regional National Officers; and
  • begun a proactive effort to restore the integrity of the Graduate Nominating Committee, which is central to succession planning for our National Fraternity’s volunteer leadership.

Phi Kappa Tau will continue to run hard in 2017. As we do, I invite you to engage directly with me. It is an honor to serve as your National President, and I will continue working tirelessly each day to serve the best interests of our beloved Fraternity.

Best fraternal regards,

Michael D. Dovilla
Baldwin Wallace ’94
National President