Below you will find some of our most frequently asked questions around this time of the year in regards to membership reporting and billing. As always, if you have questions or frustrations it’s our hope that you contact your chapter’s success manager directly so they can assist you and your chapter!

Billing & Membership Rosters
Q: My chapter got billed for people that are no longer part of the chapter. How do I fix this?
You will need to complete the Change Report for Billings paperwork which was attached to the message from Membership Services Coordinator, Cecilie McGhehey, sent as part of the billing email back on 1/31/16. To remove people from the roster you will need to complete the Change Report and make sure that all the required information is entered correctly on the form.
Q: I am trying to fill out the change report but don’t know which status to use to remove guys that aren’t part of the chapter anymore. Which status am I supposed to put?
There are several statuses for removing someone from the roster. If you feel like someone doesn’t meet any of the below criteria, please contact your chapter’s success manager and they can tell you what status to use. Here are a few of the more common statuses and what they mean.
GR (Graduated): A member that has graduated.
LS (Left School): A member that is no longer enrolled at the college/university in any capacity. Please note the example of if they’re only taking one class, online, they are still enrolled in the college and thus on the roster.
DA (Disassociated): Any associate that has dropped and isn’t part of the chapter anymore.
VW (Voluntary Withdrawal): An initiated member that has dropped and wants to revoke their member of Phi Kappa Tau. Please note you must have the VW paperwork for this member to be removed from the roster.
Q: I submitted my appeal for GreekLifeEDU and sent in my appeal saying that members dropped and I still got billed for them. How do I get them officially removed so I don’t have to keep removing them each time?
You will need to complete the Change Report and that will make it official. Unfortunately, due to our internal auditing processes, we were unable to remove folks based simply on the appeal. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Q: I have removed members from the roster using the change report. How do I get an updated invoice on how much I have to pay the National Fraternity?
Luckily, you’re able to update your invoice using the Change Report. You will find your “per man fee” in the attachment called “Memo” in the billing email from Cecilie on 1/31/16. You will subtract that fee for each person you’re removing from your roster from the original billed amount and then mail the form (with any VW forms, if applicable) to the Executive Offices with the check.
Q: I am still confused about the Change Report. Who should I contact?
If you need help with the Change Report, feel free to reach out to your chapter’s success manager.
Q: I think there is an issue about my bill that wasn’t covered in the FAQs. Who should I contact?
Reach out to Membership Services Coordinator, Cecilie McGhehey, and she can answer any question about billing you may have. Her email is and her phone number is (513) 523-4193.
Adding new associates
Q: We just got our spring associate class. What do I need to do?
Log into ChapterSpot, click on the “Members” tab, and click the “Invite Members” button. You will need to enter their First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Association Date when inviting them. Additionally, you will need to mail a check for $75 per new associate to the Executive Offices. For example, if you get 10 new associates you will need to send a check for $75 x 10 new associates = $750.
Q: Which officers have the ability to add new members?
The president, vice president, membership orientation officer, and treasurer all have the ability to add new members.
Q: I am having issues adding new members to ChapterSpot. Who should I contact?
You can start by reaching out to your success manager. If I’m unable to resolve the issue then I’ll tell you what next steps you need to take.
Initiation Requests
Q: I am ready to submit an initiation request. What steps do I need to take?
First off, be sure to complete the paperwork and send in the check ($240 per member) to the Executive Offices. If you want, you can email the paperwork directly to Cecilie McGhehey at but you will still need to send in the check via snail mail. You will receive a notification from Cecilie telling you either the chapter is approved for the initiation or is not yet approved and the steps needed to be taken to become approved.
Q: I was told that some of the members haven’t completed their ChapterSpot profile. What does that mean and how do I get them to do that?
It is important for the Executive Offices to have all the contact information for each member as well as for each member to have the opportunity to review the Constitution of the National Fraternity, the Bylaws of the local chapter, and review the Dispute Resolution Plan. If a member hasn’t completed his ChapterSpot profile, that means that he hasn’t added his contact information and hasn’t officially logged in to ChapterSpot to finish his account details.
When he was initially added to ChapterSpot he should have received an email from inviting him to complete his profile. Have your members search their inbox for an email from that address. If they still can’t find it, go to the “Members” tab on ChapterSpot and click the “Missing Profile Data” tab. There you (as an administrator on ChapterSpot) will be able to send them another request for profile updates.
Q: I was told that some of the members haven’t completed Part 1 of GreekLifeEDU. How can I check their status?
Contact your chapter’s success manager and they can provide you with the admin login code for your specific chapter. There you can view your member’s status in the program.
Q: How does EverFi’s GreekLifeEDU program play into initiations?
All new associate members must complete Part 1 of the program to approved for initiation. They must complete Part 2 to receive their membership badge, shingle, and membership card. This requirement for initiation will stay in place moving forward.
Q: I wasn’t approved to initiate the associates but now all of them have completed their requirements. How do I become approved?
Reach out to Cecilie McGhehey to tell her that the associates that hadn’t completed Part 1 of GreekLifeEDU and/or hadn’t completed their ChapterSpot accounts have since completed those requirements. Once confirmed by Cecilie, the chapter should be notified of their approval for their initiation request.
Q: Where can I find the Initiation Request paperwork?
You can find the paperwork on the Fraternity’s website on the Membership Reporting page or by following this link.
Q: I have additional questions about my request to initiate. Who should I contact?
If you have submitted a request and wanting to follow-up on that request, reach out to Cecilie at If you have other questions about completing paperwork and/or the requirements for associates to become initiated, please reach out to your chapter’s success manager.
If you have additional questions that aren’t addressed above or want to talk more about one of the questions, feel free to reach out to your chapter’s success manager or Cecilie and we would be more than happy to chat through any questions you have!