Unlike most groups you join in college, Phi Kappa Tau provides you transferable experiences from the chapter room to the boardroom. Using the network of more than 70,000 living alumni to find career opportunities is just the start. In addition, you can highlight your involvement in the chapter on your resume. Greg Hollen, Maryland ’75, shared a few tips to use your Phi Kappa Tau experience as you market yourself:

Many people think of fraternities as pure social clubs.
Promote your values-based experiences, your ability to work on a team, and the opportunities Phi Tau has given you for growth. Regardless if you held an officer position, highlight the work you were a part of on campus or in the community. You can enhance your resume by highlighting your participation in philanthropic events and event planning.

No matter what your role in the chapter, you worked with others of differing views towards a common purpose.
Emphasize the complex types of projects completed, number of members you worked with, and communication skills involved in productive teamwork. Showing your successes as part of a team shows your future employer you have the expertise to work collaboratively.

If you attended a Men of Character Program, identify the skills you learned.
Phi Kappa Tau’s Men of Character Programs provide graduates with learning outcomes that are transferable to the workplace.

Reflect on leadership positions you held, including committee and elected positions.
Think of the skills you gained during this position. Share how these positions relate to your career goals. Phi Kappa Tau provides outlined officer responsibilities for each leadership position. Visit The Exchange for learning outcomes associated with each leadership position.

Provide quantifiable information to demonstrate your skills and experiences.
Concrete details provide your future employer with a better idea how you could be an asset to the company. If you serve as president, how many men did you lead? If you are philanthropy chair, how many dollars did you raise?

Use these action verbs when you describe your involvement in the chapter:
Achieved, Arranged, Assisted, Attended, Chaired, Collaborated, Coordinated, Entrusted, Led, Organized, Planned, Publicized, Ran, Served, Sponsored, Supported, Volunteered.

Your chapter advisor or BOG chairman will serve as great references.
They can talk about your development as a man of character into a man of distinction. When listing references, be sure to include their relationship to you and why they are positive references.

It is likely that the hiring manager is not affiliated with a fraternity or sorority.
Have a few notable brothers in mind along with Phi Tau’s tagline prepared to explain why you and your fraternity are distinctive members of society.

Remember, your resume is only intended to get noticed for an interview.
Save some of your Phi Kappa Tau experience for the actual interview. You want to show your future employer you are a well-rounded individual.


Greg Hollen, Maryland ’75, has served Phi Kappa Tau in several leadership roles, including National President, Foundation Vice Chairman and Foundation Trustee. Outside of Phi Kappa Tau, Hollen serves as the Chief Administrative Officer for the city of Quitman, Texas. He spent most of his career in talent acquisition and human resources for various companies.